01 October 2010


Here’s my very first Converse. Wore the brand new pair last week to hike The Great Wall of China.

With my “pa-girl” style, I know buying them was so not in character. But since Converse is part of Nina Garcia’s One Hundred; and hubby swears by their comfort; plus some FB friends have posted photos of their “traveling Chucks,” I gave the sneakers a chance. I decided to put myself in these people’s shoes, literally.

So did the shoe fit? Unfortunately for me, there was pinching on both pinkies all throughout the trip! So no, I’m no Converse convert. I still go for my ballet flats for long walks. To each her own.

Photo: Inspired by the creative Chuck Taylor pictures taken by two of the most talented and well-traveled writers I know, NV and DP.

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