26 September 2010


Week 5 update on my Dare to Dress Up challenge. Twenty days down. Ten to go.

Back story: I have another silly (but fun!) personal project: A 30-Day Dress Up for Work Challenge. I plan to wear dresses for thirty straight working days.

I enjoy being in dresses, it's among my simple joys. Aside from being easy to wear, you just slip into them, they reflect my "pa-girl" style. Every day is Date Day for me! So I don't have to wait for "special" occasions to wear one. Also, the personal challenge makes waking up for work a little more fun! Try it!


Day 19: Sept 23
Second repeat: my denim dress (See Day 5).
But I used a different bag -- my new tan messenger bag from H&M, Beijing.

Day 20: Sept 24
Third repeat: my khaki shirt dress (See Day 4).
But I used a different belt -- my tan braided belt from Zara -- just to give it a twist.

**Week 5 was made up of only two working days because I was on vacation leave from September 20-22.

So here's the more important update: I'll have to put my dress challenge on hold. Last week, while wearing a dress, something in my office cubicle bit me. I'm not sure what it was but it gave me major rashes. With the dengue alert still up, and my legs being dress-unworthy, I've decided to wear pants this coming work week, Sept 27-Oct 1. If things are better next week, I'll continue with the challenge -- I'm on the final ten working days, October 4 to 15.

Wearing tights with my dresses is an option. But that would depend on the weather. Don't want to be in tights with the sun up. Sigh.

**Photo: runwaydaily.com

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