02 October 2010



Nina's One Hundred - W, Y, Z

94. Watch
Check! Hubby and me have a His & Hers version (his gift to us).

95. Wayfarers
Check! I can borrow my hubby's (see below).

Above: That's the Forbidden City behind us.

96. Wellington Boot
Check! I have a version of it.

Above: Here's my rain boot. Floral. Black and white.
Photo: shoesgotsole.com

97. Wide-Leg Trousers
Check! In black. And denim.

98. Wrap Dress
Check! I have three: In black, red, and gray.
I wish to own a DVF someday!

Nina: In the '70s, Diane Von Furstenberg made the wrap into the ultimate dress for women of all shapes and sizes. If there is one dress designed with the intention of flattering the woman's figure, it is the wrap dress. It hugs all the right places and elegantly drapes over the others.

"I design for the woman who loves being a woman." -- DVF
Photo: huffingtonpost.com

Above: DVF black wrap dress
Photo: thefashionrow.com

99. Yoga Gear
Check! They're basically sweatsuits.

100. Zippered Hoodie
Check! Mine's pink.
Are you surprised? =)

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