30 October 2010


My "How Male Can You Go" blog entry inspired my get-up (Obviously not a costume. Sabi nga ni J, "porma lang.") for the office Halloween party...

Horror of Horrors: Masculine Me?!
Black shirt, Levi's
Black blazer, Zara
Black tie, borrowed from Hubby
Fedora, borrowed from Hubby
Customized Jeans, Defacto

My brogue spectator heels, Charles & Keith.
(Yes, heels -- girl pa rin!)

So was the experience a trick or treat? I must say, it was a treat! I'm surprised to have actually enjoyed doing the androgynous style. (Never say never.)

28 October 2010


Finally found me an affordable denim shirt. =)

Trend Report from meandmoo.com

Trend Report from WhoWhatWear.com

Chloe's take on Denim & Khaki

Above: Me at the Office
Denim shirt, cheap Department Store find
Khaki a-line skirt, cheap find from Bangkok
Brown Messenger Bag from Taipei

Above: my Brown Wedge, CMG


I did it! Thirty working days in dresses!

This is the final dress I wore for the Dare -- a paisley-printed spaghetti-strapped maxi dress, a cheap Hong Kong find from sixteen years ago. Yes, had it since I was in college. And it still fits me. Yey! Wore it to work with a black boyfriend cardigan, my "M" locket and black bejeweled flats.

Day 30: Oct 26, 2010
(Oct 25 was a Holiday - Brgy Elections)

Highlights of my Dare to Dress Up Challenge:
  1. Confirmed: Dresses can instantly prettify. Kahit feeling lang, mood enhancer ba.
  2. Confirmed: No need to wait for "special" occasions to dress up. Make every day a dress-worthy day. (Thanks to my Daily Dates! *wink*)
  3. Discoveries: I was able to wear dresses that I've almost forgotten about. It's always fun shopping in one's closet!
  4. There were dresses I wasn't able to wear because they're really not for daytime or the office -- lace, tube, too short, too casual, backless, etc.
  5. Maxi dresses and tights are the answer to leg rashes.
Ladies, I say, dare to dress up! =)

24 October 2010


Week 7 update on my Dare to Dress Up challenge.
Twenty nine days down. One to go.
I'm considering extending, to make up for the "break."
We'll see if I'll be in the mood for more dress days next week.


Day 26: Oct 18
Turtleneck LBD, Details (1st time to wear this during the Dare.)
Black tights, Marks & Spencer
Black ballet flats, Zara
Khaki trench-style rain coat, Mango

**Oct 19 was the height of typhoon Juan, wore pants with my rain boots.
Didn't want the winds blowing my dress away. =)

Day 27: Oct 20
A-line LBD, Zara (3rd time to wear it during the Dare.)
Gray cable-knit cover-up, Forever21 (1st time to wear this during the Dare.)
Black ballet flats, Zara

Day 28: Oct 21
Army green dress, Zara (Same thing I wore on Day10.)
But this time, I paired it with my Zara braided belt
Brown flats, Zara

Day 29: Oct 22
Gray dress, MNG (Same thing I wore on Day16.)
Covered by my black trench coat, Zara
Gray wedge, Schu

my Gray Wedge, Schu

23 October 2010


All her student life in Nueva Ecija she was voted as school queen. In her college years in Baguio, she was always invited to join beauty pageants and always landed on the top ten. In our family, she'll forever be The Queen. Meet my first style icon, my beautiful and loving mother.

The family's reigning Queen, my dear Mama.
Here as the School Queen for the nth time.

Like most daughters, my mother was my first style icon.

During my parents' struggling years as newlyweds, my mother had only one dress -- a salmon long-sleeved piece accentuated by lace. It was her "uniform" to church. Walang ka-alternate.Yun lang talaga. I've been pressuring her to remember where she kept the dress. Because I want to have it. If it's still in good condition, I'd love to wear it today (vintage, anyone?). Unfortunately, she can't remember where it is. So I vowed to at least find a photo of her wearing it.

When life became more comfortable, she was finally able to buy all the clothes she wanted. I'd always be part of her shopping trips. She'd buy for me too. Nothing extravagant. She prefers bargain finds. Her style rule: matching colors. As in everything pink. Or everything red and white. Or black and silver from head to toe. You get the drift.

And so that's how I was for most of my life -- a color-coordinated girl. My hubby finds this amusing. He always finds our terno-terno family pictures (all in white or all in plaid) funny. But today, when Mama asks us to dress in one color or theme, my hubby obediently follows. He'll laugh at the idea but he'll cooperate with my Mom anyway, hehe. They love each other.

We're both in plaid for my sister's bday.

My Mama loves clothes. And as a homemaker currently living abroad with my Engineer dad and sixth-grade sister, she keeps herself busy by sewing clothes! Bilib ako. I mean, I love clothes but I'm not sure if I'll ever be interested in actually making or sewing them. Some clothes she makes from scratch, some dresses she tries to alter, some pieces she tries to accessorize. And then she'd post her creations on her Facebook album. It's like having her own fashion blog, haha.

Both in nude colors.
Preparing for a wedding.

Thank you, Mama, for being my first style mentor. It's from you that I first learned how fashion is a right, not a privilege. Your bargain hunts must have shaped my "look for less" style today. As for the color coordination, I'm trying not to be too matchy-matchy anymore. =) Brown bag, blue jeans, red shoes -- mixing colors can work too. *wink*

Love your fashion style. Love your parenting style. Love you.


Spotted at the Forbidden City, Beijing, September 2010:
A tourist with an Empress headpiece!
She sure knows how to have fun. =)

15 October 2010


Week 6 update on my Dare to Dress Up challenge. Twenty five days down. Five to go.

ack story: I have another silly (but fun!) personal project: A 30-Day Dress Up for Work Challenge. I plan to wear dresses for thirty straight working days. (UPDATE: Had to go on a two-week break, September 27 to October 8, due to the dengue scare.I wore pants all throughout that two weeks.)

I enjoy being in dresses, it's among my simple joys. Aside from being easy to wear, you just slip into them, they reflect my "pa-girl" style. Every day is Date Day for me! So I don't have to wait for "special" occasions to wear one. Also, the personal challenge makes waking up for work a little more fun! Try it!

Yes, I dared to wear dresses, even with my rashes. =)

Day 21: Oct 11
Navy dress
Wore my thin, brown, braided belt with it, just to give it a fresh look.
Brown flats

Day 22: Oct 12
Floral black & white dress
Black cardigan
Black ballet flats

Day 23: Oct 13
Brown plaid dress
Pink cardigan
Gray wedge. I usually wore this dress with brown shoes.

Day 24: Oct 14
Black eyelet dress
Khaki trench rain coat. It was a raining. The coat gave it a new twist.
Black peep-toe heels

Day 25: Oct 15
A-line LBD
Gray cover-up. A recent find.
Black flats
Black studded headband

It was a week of repeats. I've worn all these dresses within the Dare Period. I just tried to accessorize them in a new way. Final five days next week. =)

13 October 2010


My Glamour November 2010 came in today!
Taylor's dress reminds me of a Forever 21 purchase, my lacey LBD, worn to the ballet.
But this entry is not about lace dresses.

One of my favorite features on Glamour is their "We Asked Our Staffers" pages featuring very interesting Q & As.

This month's Q: What do most people not know about you?

Here are three from me --
  1. In 6th Grade, I was one of our school's Math Olympiad representatives. The inter-school Olympiad was held in Xavier so parang soiree! =) Our team finished 2nd, over-all. (Pang grade school math lang ako. Hahaha! High school & college math were totally different stories.)
  2. Around 1999, I tried taking on two jobs -- AM job: writing for the network; PM job: teaching an early evening Mass Communications class. Proud to say my students got really excited when I laid down my plans for the term. But unfortunately, the university and I didn't meet eye-to-eye on the contract so I had to cut my 'college instructor' stint short.
  3. In my 20s, my weekend / after-work raket (aka part-time job) was Events Hosting for the music label Sony-BMG. Feeling VJ, hahaha! Highlight of my stint: a one-on-one interview with James Ingram. (LOL, blast from the past!)

12 October 2010


"Like it or not, in those key moments before a guy (Me: or any person) has figured out what a brilliant, sexy, hilarious catch (Me: or individual) you really are, the only thing he has going is, well, your shoes (Me: or your outfit)." -- Joe Zee, Elle Style A to Zee, Elle magazine, September 2010

Yes, I bought the magazine because I'm an "Eat, Pray, Love" fan.
(Was disappointed with the film.)

MY 81 & 83

#81 Two of my Statement Necklaces...

Above: A find from Forever 21

Above: from H&M

#83 My Striped Sailor Shirt
Above: a Department Store find

Above: Love the anchor patch!
Literal na "Sailor" shirt.

Above: Last week, after seeing Kate Moss' photo below,
I wore it with my Zara blazer and Topshop jeans.

Above: Kate's get-up inspired my work outfit for the next day.
Photo from Mango's KeepTheBeat.

11 October 2010


My fashion choices lean more on the feminine side. But as a "style student" (as stated in my blog profile), I try to open myself to options. Never say never. *wink*

So how masculine can a pa-girl like me go?

The Annie Hall look? Not yet.
Above: Diane Keaton as Annie Hall
Kate Moss in an Annie Hall-ish look
Photo from girldir.com

Above: SJP's Annie Hall look for SATC The Movie,
modernized & made more feminine by the pink striped shirt.
Photo from hubpages.com

Could this be Wall Street-inspired too?
Photo: theinsider.com

So far, I've gone this far.
Above: My T-strap Spectators
Worn with black toenails.
Photo taken by me, at work.

I so love my brogue (decorative perforations) spectators-inspired heels!
I've worn them with LBDs; and black slacks paired with a girly top (for balance).

06 October 2010


Profile Pic for My Style Profile

Favorite Fashion Films

  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • The September Issue
  • Coco Before Chanel
  • Breakfast At Tiffany’s
  • Funny Face
  • Sex & The City The Movie 1

Favorite Designer

  • I’ve always been attracted to Elie Saab’s designs.

Photos from Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Beauty must-haves: Mine’s so basic.

  • Drinking lots of water
  • Dove soap
  • Ponds cold cream as make-up remover
  • Neutrogena 50++SPF sunscreen

Favorite bag

  • I’m attracted to bags with exotic skin.

Describe your personal style

  • Look for Less
  • Feminine
  • Statement accessories

What is the most versatile item in your closet?

  • My ballet flats. I’ve paired them with jeans, shorts, dresses, leggings. I’ve taken them to the mall, to our travels, to church, to the ballet, to dates, to errands, etc.

How do you put an outfit together?

  • Based on my mood when I get up.
  • Based on the weather.
  • Based on my scheduled activities for the day.

What are your wardrobe staples?

  • I try to accessorize the classics (LBDs, black pants, jeans, white shirt, trench coat, etc).

What’s next on your shopping wish list?

  • I’m currently eyeing at least three leather bags at Fino.

How do you dress for your body type?

  • I’m petite by the worldwide fashion standards (average by Pinoy standards). I try not to cut my legs by wearing the right skirt / pants length.
  • I’m not curvy. Fortunately, I’m into pa-girl styles, making me look more womanly.

What or who influences your dress sense?

  • Fashion blogs, magazines, films, TV series, art, travels, window shopping, fashionistas. Anything and everything.

Any piece of clothing or accessory you cannot live without?

  • I’ve been in a “I love ballet flats” state for several years now.

Biggest fashion faux pas?

  • Too many to mention. But the most recent: underestimating Spring in Shanghai. I never thought it could be as cold as Hong Kong’s Winter!

If money were no object…

  • I want a huge walk-in closet!
  • Repetto ballet flats in all colors.
  • Investment bags, as listed on Nina Garcia’s One Hundred.

**This entry was inspired by one of my favorite sections from the Philippines' Fashion Bible, Preview magazine's "Style Profile".

02 October 2010


As of today, I have 70 of the 100 on Nina's list. I guess my closet's not so bad.
I'm not interested in 11 items on her list, they're not me.
And I'm contemplating on whether to buy the other 19.

To buy or not to buy?
  1. Animal Print: Maybe a scarf? I'm still not sold on the flats.
  2. Ankle Booties: Hmmm... If I find a "so me" pair, maybe.
  3. Cashmere Sweater: Not a priority as I live in a tropical country.
  4. Cape: Same with #3.
  5. Camel Coat: Same with #3 and 4.
  6. Driving Shoes: Not a priority. I'm really not into driving. Unless I find a pair that'd be super comfortable for long walks (aka travel).
  7. Espadrilles: If and when we go to Spain.
  8. Hobo bag: Looking for an affordable version.
  9. Investment bags: Later in life.
  10. LL Bean Tote: Soon.
  11. Motorcycle Jacket: Not a priority.
  12. Monogrammed Stationary: Soon.
  13. Mary Janes: Searching.
  14. Mad Money: Asap.
  15. Quality Champagne: Sa New Year? =)
  16. Robe: Searching.
  17. Pucci: Not a priority.
  18. Spanx: For the next formal event.
  19. Suit: Someday.



Nina's One Hundred - W, Y, Z

94. Watch
Check! Hubby and me have a His & Hers version (his gift to us).

95. Wayfarers
Check! I can borrow my hubby's (see below).

Above: That's the Forbidden City behind us.

96. Wellington Boot
Check! I have a version of it.

Above: Here's my rain boot. Floral. Black and white.
Photo: shoesgotsole.com

97. Wide-Leg Trousers
Check! In black. And denim.

98. Wrap Dress
Check! I have three: In black, red, and gray.
I wish to own a DVF someday!

Nina: In the '70s, Diane Von Furstenberg made the wrap into the ultimate dress for women of all shapes and sizes. If there is one dress designed with the intention of flattering the woman's figure, it is the wrap dress. It hugs all the right places and elegantly drapes over the others.

"I design for the woman who loves being a woman." -- DVF
Photo: huffingtonpost.com

Above: DVF black wrap dress
Photo: thefashionrow.com

99. Yoga Gear
Check! They're basically sweatsuits.

100. Zippered Hoodie
Check! Mine's pink.
Are you surprised? =)



Nina's One Hundred - T,U,V

86. Trench
Check! Black.

Khaki's the classic but since my rain coat (trench style) and my safari jacket are already khaki, I decided to go with black.

Iconic Trench Coat Wearers:

Above: Meryl Streep in Kramer vs Kramer
Photo: vogue.co.uk

Above: Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca
Photo: foryourspeculation.blogspot.com

Above: Catherine Deneuve in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Photo: ark-about.blogspot.com

Above: Audrey Hepburn & George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany's
Photo: marylaurenanderson.com

87. Turquoise and Coral Jewelry
Check! Both are huge rings.

88. Tuxedo Jacket
Pass. I'm sticking with my Blazer (#11)

Check! I have two black umbrellas -- a long one, and a fold-able version. My recent finds: A long black umbrella with the map of Manila as design, from Bench. Loved it so much I got another one in white.

90. Underwear

Nina: The game begins in the lingerie drawer. What you put on beneath your clothes matters. It's amazing how quickly a great pair of underwear can make you feel sexy, and how quickly a panty line can ruin an outfit.

91. Valid Passport
Check! Hubby's has a brown leather holder, mine's in a kikay pink leather holder.

92. Vans
Pass. I'm not attracted to buy. Not after my Converse experience.

93. Vintage

I used to enjoy my hometown's, Baguio, ukay-ukay (I hope this is considered "vintage"). Ten years ago, the thrift items were really dirt cheap. And one could find treasures with a little patience. But things have changed. They charge too much now. So I don't go anymore. Why pay for a second-hand top for P500, when I can buy a brand new version at the mall for the same price?

But I have two items from ukay that I wear to this day. 1) A floral sleeveless top that has survived so many seasons. I love its color palette (mix of eggshell, brown, mustard, yellow), style, material and fit. Very girly. 2) A long white spaghetti-strapped sun dress. The straps are made of little white flowers! I love lounging at home in it. So lady-like. Happy second-hand finds!

01 October 2010


One of the Beijing sights that really got me excited (aside from The Great Wall) was the 798 Art Zone.
And among the galleries we got to visit in the Zone, one of the exhibits that proved to be most memorable was The Project White T-Shirt. Maybe because I recognize the power and versatility of a white shirt – it could really be the perfect canvass for great style.

PWTS's goal: to expand possibilities and creativity
through the most basic article of clothing:
the white t-shirt.

Above: White T-shirts as pillow cases.
That's me on the mirror.

The exhibit inspired me to experiment with more white shirt styles.