31 May 2011


Attached is the "Quickfire: 10-Minute Kitchen Wonders" opening credits.
I'm part of it as one of the foodies.

How the teams -- the Promo & Program teams -- styled the opening credits:

1) Naturally, Chef Mom-Host RB had to stand-out. We made her wear red, the program sponsor's brand color.

2) RCruz's styling team presented three red casual outfits. I chose this top for RB as it was most fab -- sleeveless on one side. The other choices were also pretty but were "too mommy." As a Chef welcoming guests to her (TV) kitchen, RB has to look more dressed-up.

3) We made the foodies wear neutrals -- I wore oatmeal (a Zara pull-over), the other two wore white. Again, to make sure Chef RB stands out.

4) Hair and make-up requirement: Fresh. Nothing fancy (true to the program concept of 10-minute home kitchen recipes). Just a great blow dry and natural make-up that brings out her glow.

With our very limited budget, did our styling work?

Quickfire OBB credits / Promo Team:

Creative Director: LAT
Associate Creative Director: GPM
Project Manager: Me
Writer: CIlagan
Art Director: WDelFonso

30 May 2011


Can you rock red lipstick?

I've tried a million times and it just doesn't seem to work for me.

Maybe it's time to heed Nina Garcia's other recommendations? Chanel Red No. 5, MAC Ruby Woo, Clinique Angel Red, CoverGirl Really Red (bought this!), Lancome Red Desire, Anna Sui Rouge Chine, Mary Kay Red Salsa, Elizabeth Arden Slink, NARS Fire Down Below, and Trucco Blood.

I'm beginning to think I'm made only for nudes and browns. Even pinks don't seem to work.

The irony: I was recently cast for a TV spot, as a woman wearing red lipstick. See attached video. Opening shot: my red-stained lips.

What I wore: Cover Girl's "Really Red" (among Nina's recos).

The visual for the TV spot has been enhanced for broadcast. In real life, I feel like a clown wearing red lips. LOL.

Display our national colors!

TV Spot:
Philippine Flag Days
May 28 - June 12

Creative Director: LAT
Associate Creative Director: GPM
Project Manager: Me
Writer: CDKo
Art Director: NGCruz
Photographer: RMMagpayo

29 May 2011


Currently reading Sasha Charnin Morrison's SECRETS OF STYLIST (around Php1,100 at National Bookstore, Shangri-La Mall). I'm enjoying reading about the juicy styling bits. Syempre, ibang level ang Hollywood.
I'm in awe of how extensive their styling kits are! They actually have rolling bags and trunks. My kit's so basic -- double-sided tapes, scissors, a sewing kit, lint roller, clips, safety pins, nipple tapes, stain remover, nail cutter. Hindi pa naman kasi ako pro, just doing it on the side, for me, for fun.

Bits from the cover:
"And while it may appear that Stylists' lives are one long montage of champagne, limos, and red carpets, in fact there's a lot of grit that goes along with the glamour.

Sasha Charnin Morrison, fashion director at US Weekly, reveals the stories behind celebrities' best and worst looks, what goes into famous image transformations like Nicole Richie's and Katie Holmes', the essentials every stylist must have on hand (double-sided tape, cutlets, manzierres, and more!) and what to do if something goes wrong (and things will definitely go wrong.)"

From Nina Garcia:
"For anyone looking to break into the styling world, this is the perfect how-to handbook. A fabulous read!"


What's your style in de-stressing at work?

No cigarette or coffee breaks for me.
Just make-up re-touch or hair touch-up breaks.
Isn't that so much healthier? *wink*

My hair straightening iron
(Vidal Sassoon's iron has been good to me.
Had it for more than 3 years now.
No hair burning incidents so far.),
clip (used to section hair),
comb, mirror.

17 May 2011


I have a new work corner (see the old one here). It comes with a view of EDSA. It's growing to be mostly green and pink. Reminds me of my watermelon-inspired entry from last month.


My shoe collage features footwear
from different eras and shoe bits
from Sex & the City
(the collage is a personal masterpiece, hahaha);

maroon pillows;

roses in shades of pinks and reds;

against tea-green walls.

Currently in love with pinks and greens.

How did you style your work corner?

08 May 2011


The March and April 2011 magazines were filled with color blocking features so I dared to interpret the trend.

Was inspired by Preview's "Color Splash" cover story featuring Toni Gonzaga...

Style magazine's "Pop Group" spread (it's a Singapore publication)...

"Rainbow Brights" from the Fashion Season at the Orchard mini-mag...

Glamour USA's poppy colors...

Below's my runway to reality (my look-for-less reality) interpretation of color blocking. I know this is still "safe" by fashion's standards, but already "very colorful" by mine, hehe.


Fuchsia shirt, Forever 21
Blue jeans, Defacto Industry
Mustard lace-ups, Schu
Blue clutch, Hong Kong bargain find
Bangles, Landmark (only Php50 or less than USD1 each!)
Shades, MNG

Have you tried color blocking?

03 May 2011


I have another wedding blog entry. But there's nothing Royal about this one, hehe.

As a bride-on-a-budget, I headed to a really affordable mananahi (seamstress or dressmaker) for my wedding dress. It was super simple, just like our wedding itself (We're believers of investing on the marriage, not the wedding).

Me: Buti pa ang mannequin, may boobs!

Been kidding my husband to marry me again so I could have another wedding gown made. I want something more fabulous this time. Something by my designer cousin Czarina (who was still in school when I walked down the aisle).

His reply: "Is that (marrying again) allowed by the Church?"

Me: "Hmp! May valid excuse ka ha! Sige, wedding anniversary dress na lang, for a party."

I'm taking his smile as a yes. Haha!

Maybe for our 10th wedding anniversary? *wink*

This reads like an entry for my other blog too, outonadate.blogpot.com.

02 May 2011


I loved Kate's wedding gown (Yes, as the world knows by now, it's by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen). It was simple, regal, timeless.

Every one is reminded of Grace Kelly's wedding dress.
Photo: nydailynews.com

To make it very Pinoy, I say it also reminds me of world-renowned singer-actress Lea Salonga's wedding dress, circa 2004, created by another world-class Pinoy, designer Monique Lhuillier.
Photo: weddingsatwork.com