11 March 2012


Yes, I was in H&M last March 8 to check out the Marni collection. No photography allowed sa store, so no personal photos here. 

Compared to the Versace for H&M collection last November 2011, I think hindi gaanong pinagkaguluhan itong Marni here in Singapore. I went to the store around 5pm and marami pang stocks. Yung Versace, ubos by 1pm!

Such lovely prints.

I liked the polka-dot coat the most. Kaso ang mahal. SGD250 (almost Php9K). Pass. Was happy to just try it on.

What were your Marni for H&M finds?

10 March 2012


We're so looking forward to the Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal exhibit at the ArtScience Musuem. It's opening next weekend! Yey! 

As a prelude (haha), we're happy to get shirts from Uniqlo's "limited only" Andy Warhol collection. Pop art for only SGD25 each. Now that's a steal!

I got the shoe print. I have a hardbound journal and stationary with the same design back in Manila. *kilig* Hubby got the iconic Campbell's soup print. 

Affordable Art!
Our Andy Warhol shirts from Uniqlo

From the Uniqlo Singapore Facebook page

08 March 2012


I'm reliving one of my favorite childhood games. Currently having so much fun with the iPad app "Fashion Story," where I get to manage my very own boutique. Confession: Nagpupuyat ako for this!

At age 8 (that's when I finally got my own space), I'd re-arrange my bedroom so that it'd look like a dress shop. Everything on my dresser and cabinets were for sale. I was the owner, sales lady, and cashier. I had imaginary customers. Business was always doing well. Haha!

I don't get the Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies craze, sorry. So happy to have finally found the game for me. "Fashion Story" fits me like a glove. 

Day 2 on My Fashion Story:

05 March 2012


I needed a trim. And I wanted to experience using these "cheap" haircut machines. I've been seeing them all around Singapore. So I took the chance one weekend.

I went to the neighborhood mall, placed SGD10 (around Php350) on the machine, got my ticket and waited for my turn. When my number finally appeared on the marquee, I handed my ticket to a lady. She showed me to my seat. And asked, in Singlish, what I wanted. I said, "Just a trim. Around two inches off..." Then she started cutting. No shampoo service. I panicked, "How will she know if pantay kung hindi basa hair ko?!"  But I didn't dare complain. Natakot ako sa gunting. Lol.

My thought balloon the entire time, "If you wanted pampering, you should have gone to the 'starts at SGD100' salons." So I sat quietly throughout the cut, trying to be optimistic, "Baka ganun sila kagaling? Hindi na kailangan mag-shampoo or basain ang hair."

After the cut, straight lang naman, another surprise -- no blow drying too! Good thing I just asked for a basic trim. No hair styling required. But to this day I wonder, "Pantay ba? Parang hindi..."

Ganun ba talaga ang SGD10 haircut? Or I can get better service in other branches?