25 April 2011


In my previous post I asked, "Why so crumpled?"

Photo: youandyourwedding.co.uk

Now, I know why. Thanks to Discovery TLC. The channel is currently airing Charles and Diana's 1981 wedding with lots of super fun royal trivia! Kudos to the writers and producers of the Special.

Trivia on the gown: The designers David & Elizabeth Emanuel did not take into consideration that Earl Spencer will be riding the glass coach with his daughter Diana. So the bride had to hold her skirt, veil and 25-foot train on her lap all throughout the ride to St. Paul's Cathedral. By the time she stepped out of the coach, her wedding dress was super lukot na! Kaya pala!

24 April 2011


Five days to the Royal Wedding and we're flooded by images of past royal wedding gowns. Of course, Princess Diana's tops every one else's in terms of air time. The dress made by David and Elizabeth Emanuel is fit for royalty and is so very '80s (It was 1981, Honey!).

Seeing it over and over these days is getting me really O.C. (obsessive compulsive) -- "Why did they allow it to get so crumpled?!!!" Arg.

Me thinking out loud: Could this be a classic example of how important a Stylist is? Especially on a wedding day? Especially for royalty?

If the designers are unable to consider the size/space of the bride's coach, the Stylist could have focused on such details. Wala pa bang Royal Stylist noon? Or did someone fail to do her/his job?

Is this what Pinoys call "gusot-mayaman"?

How it should be.
Above: Princess Diana's taffeta-drenched piece of royal history, in all its 25-foot-train glory, was at The Today Show last month (Photo from The Windsor Knot.com). No crumpling! No creases! Pwede naman pala!

22 April 2011


This blog was inspired by the books of Nina Garcia (see my profile). Naturally, I'm following her on Twitter. Her tweets last April 18 got me too excited! Ahhhh! Sana nga she comes to Manila!

Posting Nina Garcia's Tweets below.
(How do I do screen grabs ba?
Sorry, clueless.)

"Before going to bed want to thank you to all of my followers from the Philippines. Love reading your replies and retweets. Thx for the LOVE!"

"Wow! I just read your comments! I hope I can come to Manila very soon and organize a book signing! love xoxo"

21 April 2011


I love Kate Middleton's hair!
So thick and always so perfectly blow dried.
(Makabili nga ng curling iron, hahaha!)

The Princess Bride
Her hair's her crowning glory.

8 days to the Royal Wedding! Like every one else, I can't wait to see what Kate's wearing. Heard this week that she was the one who actually designed her dress, true? (Too many stories coming out!) I wonder how she'll wear her hair.



Inspired by one of summer's more popular fruits, the watermelon...

Refreshing Summer Combo:
Pink & Green

Blush v-neck shirt, Forever 21.
Cotton candy-colored cardigan, Zara.
Green necklace, Forever 21.
Red nails, Piandre.

Lunch date with Hubby at Peri-Peri.

Pakwan Photo: ncwatermelonfestival.com

09 April 2011


Fashion means knowing who you are and what you love. Be confident in your clothing selections & more importantly have confidence in yourself.



Fashion is expensive. Style is not. Some of the most stylish girls I know are certainly not the wealthiest.



So there's this video going around of bloggers from all over the world (lucky bunch!) lunching with Nina Garcia (whose books are my inspiration for this blog, view my profile) during New York Fashion Week, held Feb 2011. The featured Pinoy fashion blogger has been getting a lot of flack for her soundbytes.

My two cents worth: There's truth to Pinoys not being too fashion forward (yet). Totoo naman. Wala pa tayo sa level ng Tokyo, New York, Paris, or even Hong Kong. But I think her "Me, me, me" and "I'm above every one else" tone was a major fashion faux pas.

FYI - "the child" (as Chuvaness refers to her, hahaha) has apologized via her FB page and blog.

05 April 2011


Singapore's climate is classified as equatorial (a tropical rain forest climate), with no true distinct season. So I fly in and "Surprise! Surprise!" I'm welcomed by the best season ever! LOL

Napapanahong bakasyon.

03 April 2011

LOADS of L.O.D.s

Current status (Monday, lunch hour): Loving the sights of pretty L.O.D.s (Little Office Dresses) here at the Orchard Road, Singapore.

Glad to know they're not that conservative anymore. Lots of micro minis, super short hemlines, see-through outfits, backless and cut-outs. Pwede sa office yan? Bongga! How do I know they're working girls? They have their IDs and some of their lunch mates look corporate, hehe.

Photos: to follow (or not at all)
There's an issue against uploading of "stolen" street snapshots here in SG.