22 February 2011


Another hands-on styling opportunity came my way! Our Fashion Styling Mentor assigned me to join the team of Preview's Daryl Chang last Sunday. As a fan of the magazine, I was thrilled! I assisted the team in their regular live variety show gig.

DC was her usual fabulous self. Too bad, I have no photos. I had my camera but forgot the memory card (how do you spell S*T*U*P*I*D? Arg.). What makes her more fab -- she was so cool the entire time. To describe the backstage of a live variety show as "crazy" is an understatement. I'm bilib that she never lost her cool despite all the wardrobe mulfunctions and styling demands.

And the highlight for me? We got to chat!

DC: You're really into styling?
Me: I still can't say. I hope to find out after the workshop.
DC: I hope you'll be able to decide soon.

Then I went on asking about Preview. She promised to answer the questions from our class, via email, as soon as she has time. Yey!

Her question -- "You're really into styling?" -- got me thinking. If I were allowed to expound (kaso busy lahat so di pwedeng madaldal diba?) I would have added...

At this point, I'm not yet sure if styling's for me. But what I'm sure of is that I love looking at stylish people (like DC)! I'm a fan of The Sartorialist (even bought the book), The Face Hunter (I'm thinking of buying the book), the Jak & Jil Blog, Sea of Shoes, Preview, and other fashion magazines. I also have a personal goal of pushing my style limits. I always wonder how stylish people put unexpected items together. I'm wondering if it may be learned through the workshop or if the skill is innate. I'm willing to go through the journey to find out.

Is styling my style? We'll find out soon. *wink*

20 February 2011


I have a brand new respect for working students. Noon pa ako bilib sa inyo. But now that I'm in your shoes, lalo pa akong bow. =)

19 February 2011


Style School is turning out to be ONE. FABULOUS. EXPERIENCE.

Spent my Saturday afternoon with no less than the country's premiere photographer Jun de Leon! He generously gave our Fashion Styling class two hours of his precious time (For free!) -- sharing stories about his career, giving photography tips, talking about the creative collaboration of photographers and stylists, giving us words of wisdom on life, love and career.

As our styling mentor, Ms. Millet, pointed out we're so blessed. Too blessed. WE. SO. KNOW.

It was an honor to see him in another light -- different from his uber terror image while at work. He was so generous with his knowledge. He was so patient with us. He even pointed out my best angle, hehe. =) Admittedly he said, "Hindi ako ganito kabait pag trabaho."

Among his priceless quotables, I'll share one that I will forever take to heart if I do plan to make a career out of styling -- "Don't be a stylist who simply pulls out clothes, who simply dresses up the talent. The measure of a good stylist is when she can tell a story. As a stylist you have to tell a story."

The Master suggested we do a "leg story"
hence the tangled legs.
Our Styling Class with Mr. Jun de Leon
at his studio in Bonifacio Global City

Me: Robot?

Photo: not his (hehe);
it was taken by someone from our school,
not a classmate.

Hindi namin afford ang "photo by Jun de Leon."
Abuso na 'yun if kuhanan pa niya kami!

Ms. Millet suggested that we prepare tokens for him. Halos sumakit ulo ko sa kakaisip -- "What do you give Jun de Leon?!" But you know what? He was so sweet when he received our humble gifts (mostly sweets). I got him truffles. I know they're not enough Thank You pero wala namang regalong tatapat sa priceless experience we had this afternoon.

Thank you, Sir. You've inspired us all. We hope we could style for you / work with you one day soon.

17 February 2011


My first was with an Azkal!

How many girls can say that? *wink*

But before your imagination runs wild, allow me to be more specific -- my first hands-on STYLING experience was with the Azkals' Team Captain Aly Borromeo!

My styling mentor, Ms. Millet Arzaga, invited me to join an Azkals magazine photo shoot yesterday. (I would have died if it involved the entire team! It was just Aly's shoot -- so yes, I'm still alive, hehe.)
Above: Aly doing Arnis
The other layouts had him totally clothed,
hindi siya naabuso, promise.

I won't expound on the fashion layouts, confidential syempre. But the fashion story was mainly Ms Millet's idea. The magazine's Editor-in-Chief, the Art Director and the Photographer gave her a lot of creative freedom for this one. She told me, hindi laging ganun for stylists. The weight of a stylist's role is different for every project.
What big smile?
Di naman ako masyadong masaya. =)

Below: The Philippines National Football Team
led by Team Captain Aly Borromeo (#11)

Below: The Azkals
Ang g-gwapo!

I heart Style School!
Above: The Styling Team
Ms Millet's Assistant Audrey,
The Azkals' Aly Borromeo,
Make-Up Artist Mayose,
My Fashion Styling Mentor Ms Millet Arzaga

09 February 2011


Can't afford the Birkin (yet)?
An alternative: the canvass version!

Photos from Banane Taipei

I'm eyeing the Champagne Gray version.

08 February 2011


Hollywood Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe's one of the Fashion Stylists I admire (loved how she was able to build her name into a brand!).

Here are some words of wisdom from her book, "A to Zoe," that may prove useful if I do pursue a career in Styling --

1) "Life is too short not to take risks. To glam it up!"

2) A good stylist is a Master of Illusion. Color proportion and even your attitude can make all the difference.

3) What's important: For clients to become more aware of themselves. A Stylist is not there to enforce her point of view but to point clients in the direction of their dreams.

4) The best part of creating style: it's not permanent. It can be changed. Tweaked. Re-created. It all begins with dreaming.

5) Style is more about your eye than your bank account.

06 February 2011


Rarampa ka na uli!

I've always wondered when I'd get to use my seven-year old orange bag from Tough/Salsa again. Then Fashion School happened. Naalala ko siya! All the compartments can keep my styling tools, pencils, I.D., tear sheets, and other school supplies organized. Every thing has its place -- pang O.C. ang bag na ito!
Wore a black canvass to give my bag its moment.

Black shirt, Zara
Black bootleg pants, Topshop
Black ballet flats, Zara
Animal-print scarf, Zara
(A cover-up for my recent cautery).
Emerald cocktail ring, Forever21
Orange bag, Tough/Salsa (from a HK trip)