22 November 2011


Bits from the article JUST ONCE IN LIFE, EVERY WOMAN SHOULD...
(Glamour magazine, December 2012)

  • Fall madly in love! (Me: Check!)
  • Try skydiving! (Me: Hmmm...)
  • Buy the crazy-expensive dress! (Me: Later in life.)

Three writers on the essential experiences you really don't want to miss out on...
  • Be wildly, passionately pursued. Sounds outdated, but you deserve it. -- Caitlin Flanagan (Me: Check! Haba ng hair.)
  • Be a fan of something - anything. Sports. Gaga. Buffy. Obsessing is fun! -- Emily Nussbaum  (Me: Check! Sex and The City, my Ginebra fan days...)
  • Be friends with a much older woman. No, your mom doesn't count. -- ZZ Packer  (Me: I want to do this.)

From seven celebrities...
  • "Go zip-lining. I love it can't wait to do it again." -- Christina Hendricks  (Me: Hmmm. Parang sky diving din ito.)
  • "Eat a piece of cake! Eat a doughnut! Forget about everything and eat a doughnut and don't feel guilty about it!" -- Zooey Deschanel  (Me: Check! That's why I miss my skinny self. Lol.)
  • "Live alone!" -- Gabby Sidibe  (Me: I want to try this. But I can't imagine how -- I'm happily married. And I love living with my Hubby. Hehe.)                                                                                                          
  • "Once in her life, a woman should buy something she knows she can't afford, that she wants desperately, and buy it with her own money." -- Elisabeth Moss  (Me: Again, all the big spending will have to wait later in life.)                                               
  • "I think probably vomit in public. I'm just throwing it out there! Listen, a lesson in humility is good for all of us." -- Anna Faris  (Me: I'm all for lessons in humility. But vomiting in public has an age limit. So pass. Lol.)                                                                                                     
  • "Get the courage to say exactly what you're thinking and stand up for yourself. When you do that as a woman, you realize how much power words have." -- Olivia Munn  (Me: Check! Check! Check!)                                             
  • "I always wanted to run a marathon and get a really short, G.I. Jane haircut. I trained for the marathon but got injured. And I've never had the chutzpah for the haircut!" -- Julie Bowen  (Me: Fun runs - Check! Marathon - I'll put that on my list. Boys cut - Check! G.I. Jane cut - Hmmm...)          

My answer: Once in life, every woman should leave her comfort zone to follow her heart and pursue a dream. Read my other blog for more on this. (On Courage, read here. Have Faith, Not Fear, read here. Retiring at 35, read here, What I Know For Sure, read here. A Better Me, read here.)

How did you do this year?

18 November 2011


Just how committed were they to get hold of the Versace for H&M line?

Read here.

Kaya pala ubos agad! Hehe.

17 November 2011


No, I didn't camp out for the Versace for H&M line. Versace's not really my style. But yes, I made sure I'd go to H&M (at the Orchard Building; nearest MRT: Somerset) today, November 17.

Versace for H&M:
Another successful collaboration.

Arriving at H&M, I felt hopeful -- "No lines!" (see photo below)

Inside I discovered why -- because the Versace items are 98% sold-out, and it was only a little past 1pm (5 hours after the store opened?). No more accessories (wanted the necklace with pendant). No more dresses (wanted the studded pink one sana). No more bags. But still lots of the black leather jackets. Hehe. Pass.

I asked one of the sales people (they were all wearing Versace shirts, by the way -- cute!) if stocks will be replenished, negative. 

Orchard corner Grange Road

No picture-taking allowed inside the store so isa lang ang stolen shot ko...
Only three racks of clothes left.
Most of them are black leather jackets.

What's still available as of 1pm today...

2 pieces left

Ito marami pa, 2 racks.

In limited sizes na lang.

Limited sizes available.

Until the next H&M collaboration!

11 November 2011

11.11.11 WEDDING

Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and Gmail, I was updated on my dear cousin's 11.11.11 Manila wedding. 

Sharing C's fab wedding look --

I'm wowed by the details of the wedding gown!
Created by her dear friend, one of Manila's
top young designers, Veejay Floresca.
Photo: from Veejay's Twitter

Our dearest C
as a radiant, blooming, fabulous bride.
Photo: from Veejay's Twitter

Her Valentinos, scored in HongKong.
The wedding's color palette: Black and cream.
Photo: from Veejay's Twitter

For the glamorous entourage outfits, designed by the bride, isa lang masasabi ko "I want!" They were so pang-Fashion Week. Was supposed to be part of the entourage. But God had other plans. *wink* 

The Bride's Lovely Ladies

C's prep dress was by Martin Bautista. Her reception gown by Eric delos Santos. To quote her friends, "Parang fashion show ang wedding!"

Best wishes to C and A! Love you both! Hugs from SG!

08 November 2011


I'm supposed to be part of a fabulous wedding entourage this 11.11.11. But because of our SG Adventure, I sent my regrets as early as June (didn't want to harass the bride and groom). The color motif: black and cream. How very Chanel! 

Upon visiting Red Carpet Fashion Awards today, three dresses made me wish I could at least attend the wedding as a guest. Would love to wear any of these three fabulous creations! Or at least something like them, hehe.

Zhang Ziyi's Christian Dior princess-like number. Lovely.

Fan Bingbing in Elie Saab. Ka-theme ng Ms. Universe 2011 gowns! Remember my entry? But maybe in another color (blush?), para hindi feeling bride. 

Michelle Williams in Oscar dela Renta's tulle dress. Would love to accessorize this!

04 November 2011


What I wore to a Friday night out with friends...

Chocolate top, F21
Black skinny jeans, F21
Black flats, Zara
Necklace with locket, MNG
Gold bangle, F21
Gold loop earrings, gift from my parents
Brown leather bag, Fino
Frozen Margaritas
para sa mainit na chikahan!

 More on the night out, on my other blog.