02 October 2010


As of today, I have 70 of the 100 on Nina's list. I guess my closet's not so bad.
I'm not interested in 11 items on her list, they're not me.
And I'm contemplating on whether to buy the other 19.

To buy or not to buy?
  1. Animal Print: Maybe a scarf? I'm still not sold on the flats.
  2. Ankle Booties: Hmmm... If I find a "so me" pair, maybe.
  3. Cashmere Sweater: Not a priority as I live in a tropical country.
  4. Cape: Same with #3.
  5. Camel Coat: Same with #3 and 4.
  6. Driving Shoes: Not a priority. I'm really not into driving. Unless I find a pair that'd be super comfortable for long walks (aka travel).
  7. Espadrilles: If and when we go to Spain.
  8. Hobo bag: Looking for an affordable version.
  9. Investment bags: Later in life.
  10. LL Bean Tote: Soon.
  11. Motorcycle Jacket: Not a priority.
  12. Monogrammed Stationary: Soon.
  13. Mary Janes: Searching.
  14. Mad Money: Asap.
  15. Quality Champagne: Sa New Year? =)
  16. Robe: Searching.
  17. Pucci: Not a priority.
  18. Spanx: For the next formal event.
  19. Suit: Someday.

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