11 October 2010


My fashion choices lean more on the feminine side. But as a "style student" (as stated in my blog profile), I try to open myself to options. Never say never. *wink*

So how masculine can a pa-girl like me go?

The Annie Hall look? Not yet.
Above: Diane Keaton as Annie Hall
Kate Moss in an Annie Hall-ish look
Photo from girldir.com

Above: SJP's Annie Hall look for SATC The Movie,
modernized & made more feminine by the pink striped shirt.
Photo from hubpages.com

Could this be Wall Street-inspired too?
Photo: theinsider.com

So far, I've gone this far.
Above: My T-strap Spectators
Worn with black toenails.
Photo taken by me, at work.

I so love my brogue (decorative perforations) spectators-inspired heels!
I've worn them with LBDs; and black slacks paired with a girly top (for balance).

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