05 January 2011


I remember a time when Filipiniana meant "Ninang fashion" or pang-Linggo ng Wika. Very costume-y, bordering on dated. But thanks to our very talented Pinoy designers and fabulous fashionistas, Filipiniana has evolved with the times.

The Traditional Filipiniana Styles

Above: Maria Clara-inspired

Above: The Imelda Terno

The Modern Filipiniana Styles
Hooray for Pinay fashionistas!

Above: Senator Cayetano's modern twist
to the black and white Maria Clara style.
So chic!

Above: Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez
wearing a periwinkle terno.
The surprise is in the color!

Above: Assunta de Rossi in a stand-out terno.
Love the pop of yellow and the origami detail!

Above: Bianca Gonzalez in a very chic interpretation
of the Imelda sleeves!

Above: Daphne Paez, also in a modern interpretation
of the Imelda terno. Love this! So fab!
The color's so Chanel.

The last time I wore Filipiniana was during my High School Graduation. Our entire batch wore Patis Tesoro creations (Lovely!). I'll try to find a photo.

Recently, I attended a wedding with a Filipiniana dress code. To make sure I'd wear a modern version, I sought my designer cousin's help. Her creative and practical fashion advise: an Imelda sleeves-inspired bolero, in hot pink. Loved it!

Above: My hot pink Filipiniana bolero
with Czarina Villa's signature rosettes.

Above: For the sleeves to look younger, more now,
we opted for them to be low and puffy versus Imelda's tall and pointy style.

Above: The ensemble.
No need for me to buy an entire outfit (yey!).
My black skirt and top are existing items from my wardrobe.
They served as the backdrop for the hot pink bolero.

Above: At the wedding reception.


  1. Hello there! love this pink modern bolero! ive been looking for this! How can i get a hold of your cousin? Id like to order one ASAP!!! please email me at bonillakhris@yahoo.com

    thanks!!!! hope to hear from you VERY soon!

  2. Hi there! how big are those rosettes in inches? thank you!

  3. The rosettes vary in size -- around 1 inch and half inch. =)