26 July 2011


Do we see a pattern here? *wink*

Above: My rain boots.
Geared-up for Typhoon Juaning.

Above: gifts from friends and cousins

19 July 2011


I enjoy answering Glamour's "We Asked Our Staffers" Qs.

And the Q for April 2011 (I'm into back issues, hooray to 50% savings!): Whose style are you loving now?

I'm naming three: The Duchess of Cambridge's down-to-earth fashion sense; socialite Olivia Palermo's street style; and Ann Curry's Today Show looks.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore her J Brand jeans
three days in a row during their recent Canadian trip.
She's so one of us!

I love this pale lilac
Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen number!
Simply elegant. So regal.
She's so consistent with her choices.
And look how little that waist is!
Worn in L.A. on July 9.

I so love Olivia's face.

I think her street style's so chic!

I'm a Mango fan.
If I could afford it, I'd buy each collection.
She's an endorser. And I love the clothes on her!

Who says news people should only wear blazers?

As a Today Show fan (I dream of working there someday),
I find Ann Curry so pretty and fresh at 55.
And her fashion efforts do not taint her credibility.
Playful but nothing over the top.
I say her Today Show stylist is doing a good job.

Rocking stripes and pink.

Color blocking can work for the 50plus.
Glam in a red, one-shoulder gown.

Glamour Staffers' answers:
  • British TV Personality Fearne Cotton
  • Tennis Champ Serena William
  • Glamour's Susan Cernek
  • Young Actress Emma Watson
  • Tween Star Elle Fanning
  • Rapper Nicki Minaj
  • Kate Middleton
  • Actress Rachel Bilson
  • Blogger Katie Amour
  • Glamour's Carrie Byler

How about you, whose style are you loving now?


From Glamour April 2011 (Yes, late read. Back issue = savings!)...

12 Things Every Woman Deserves in Life

1. A statement bag, even if the statement is "Who cares about statement bags?"

Me: Check!

My non-designer bags, some locally made, get a lot of compliments.

2. A"Teen Mom" marathon the day you're home with a fever.

Me: The show doesn't air here.

3. At least one person you can call at 3:28 A.M.

Me: Wow! I can actually name six. I'm so blessed!

4. More than one square foot of space on any form of public transportation.

Me: Wish!

I live in Manila where personal space is non-existent in PUVs. Sardinas kung sardinas!

5. Love you can feel, even from 1,000 miles away.

Me: Check!

Again, so blessed. Thank you po.

6. A few days a year filled with flip-flops, tropical sunsets and the sound of steel drums.

Me: We try.

7. Fresh flowers once a week. Self-picked dandelions count.

Me: This would be great!

For now, have to settle with my work cubicle's pretty roses, see them here.

8. The shinier hair, thicker lashes or plumper lips you just shelled out $12.99 for.

Me: I can relate to this! Hehe.

9. Orgasms on demand, sans or avec partner.

Me: *smiling*

10. A say in whether and when you become a mother.

Me: Amen.

To know more about our "childless by choice" stance, read my other blog.

11. One pet (yours or someone else's) who has a special thing for your lap.

Me: Pass. I'm not a pet lover.

Was bitten by dogs twice when I was a little girl.

Haven't recovered from the trauma.

12. A truly excellent profile picture.

Me: Check!

Having one more taken by my photography-enthusiast hubby very soon. I'm still sifting through my pegs (edit, edit, edit).

16 July 2011


I'm still into piling bangles.
This time, ten pieces all at once.

Mostly wood and bronze.
With my navy dress.
And navy Le Pliage.

12 July 2011

WHAT I WORE 071211

It was a sunny day for Manila,
a first after so many weeks of rains.
What I Wore:

Dark denim shirt dress, MNG
(a sale find, 50% off)

Red Melissa Vinyl Wedge
(another sale find!)

Red pendant, silver chain
(a gift from Tita M)

Silver loops
(a tiangge find)

10 July 2011


It's my birthday month!

As a believer of "Ask and you shall receive," I'm listing down gifts I won't mind receiving lots of (hint, hint). In random order:
  1. Flannel pajama set in plaid. (I have only one pair. To say it's being abused is an understatement.)
  2. Super comfy ballet flats. Size 8.
  3. Black hair elastics. (I keep losing them. No rubber bands please.)
  4. Fiber supplements. (Health is wealth. LOL.)
  5. Chocolates.
  6. Claritin. (Items 5 & 6 must come together. Pasaway.)
  7. Band aid. (The stylist in me.)
  8. Black folding umbrella. The smaller, the better. Water-repellent material preferred. (Umbrellas have short life spans in my hands. Need to buy every so often.)
  9. My cheap gel eye liner from Watson's. Brand: In2it. Color: Dark brown.
  10. Prayers

Hubby and I usually travel on my birthday. This year, I'm asking God to allow us to take what could be the greatest journey of our lives. Kahit wala na ang ten items listed above. Yun na lang po.

Life has taught me God's plans are greater than my dreams. I'm looking forward to a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

How do you celebrate your birthday? What's your bday style?

09 July 2011


Just passed by Guadalupe and confirmed that the Philippine Rugby Team's Bench billboards are gone. Apparently, some people found them "inappropriate." LOL.

The Philippine Azkal's Team Captain Aly Borromeo's billboard is still up along EDSA though. Are they also bringing this one down?

All the fuss about the Bench billboards reminded me of my Azkal experience -- My first was with an Azkal. Lucky me! *wink*

08 July 2011


The secret to guilt-free shopping? Shop for a cause.

The GMA Kapuso Foundation held a Melissa sale in the Network Building this week, for the benefit of students in need of classrooms.

How could I possibly pass on the chance to shop and help, right? *wide grin*

From Melissa's official Philippine website: Melissa is an iconic global footwear brand that traces its origins to Brazil. Melissa’s avant-garde designs are often considered pieces of art in and of themselves. Over the years, Melissa has partnered with the world’s brightest design talents including fashion designers (e.g. Vivienne Westwood), architects (e.g. Karim Rashid and Zaha Hadid), and furniture designers (e.g. The Campana Brothers).

My Melissa Loot:
Melissa Vinyl Wedges in black and red;
Melissa Harajuku Heels in blue

Regular store prices start at Php 4,000. Got these for only Php 1,500 per pair, thanks to the sale. My Melissa Troupe was not among the styles on sale (big sigh of relief). I'd be heartbroken if it were. Just got them full price!

Left the place smiling especially after the sales person said, "Maraming salamat po, mula sa mga batang matutulungan n'yo." ("Thank you" from the students you'll help build classrooms for.)

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping. -- BD

06 July 2011


How far can you go excess-orizing?

I either wear a statement neck bib or major earrings or a huge cocktail ring or a pile of bracelets.

Here's my thing today--

Soon I'd like to have the chutzpah to wear all my accessories together (major earrings, major neck piece, major ring, major bracelets), all at once, ala Anna Dello Russo or Rachel Zoe.

Keri ko kaya?


A pair of jeans is now too tight.

What gives?

A) The denim shrunk.

B) I've gained too much weight.

Since happiness is a choice, I say A.


First sign of weight gain: denial.