13 October 2010


My Glamour November 2010 came in today!
Taylor's dress reminds me of a Forever 21 purchase, my lacey LBD, worn to the ballet.
But this entry is not about lace dresses.

One of my favorite features on Glamour is their "We Asked Our Staffers" pages featuring very interesting Q & As.

This month's Q: What do most people not know about you?

Here are three from me --
  1. In 6th Grade, I was one of our school's Math Olympiad representatives. The inter-school Olympiad was held in Xavier so parang soiree! =) Our team finished 2nd, over-all. (Pang grade school math lang ako. Hahaha! High school & college math were totally different stories.)
  2. Around 1999, I tried taking on two jobs -- AM job: writing for the network; PM job: teaching an early evening Mass Communications class. Proud to say my students got really excited when I laid down my plans for the term. But unfortunately, the university and I didn't meet eye-to-eye on the contract so I had to cut my 'college instructor' stint short.
  3. In my 20s, my weekend / after-work raket (aka part-time job) was Events Hosting for the music label Sony-BMG. Feeling VJ, hahaha! Highlight of my stint: a one-on-one interview with James Ingram. (LOL, blast from the past!)

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  1. Nice to know...very interesting! You have done things many of us only dream of doing...but then again I would also rather be your student! Ha ha ha ;-)