29 June 2010


Tomorrow, June 30, Wednesday, is a holiday.

Right after the new President swears into Office, I'll be dropping by Day 1 of the Zara mid-year sale.

28 June 2010


After enjoying too many summers, my skin has been damaged by sun spots aka age spots. As the rainy season sets in (and with my 34th birthday coming up), I thought it'd be the perfect time to have my spots treated. Went to the Derma for a Cosmelan Peel. Its high success rate attracted me to the procedure.

Today, Day 2 of the peel, I went to work with a dark red, dry, itchy face (Doc warned me about the side effects).

I was so conscious when I arrived at the office, didn't take my shades off for the first hour. Then I decided, what the heck, I shouldn't lose face over my decision. When I finally exposed me, I got all sorts of reactions -- shock, concern, curiosity, bewilderment, laughter, etc. LOL

According to my Derma (and my research), the worst will be over after the first week (I really hope so!). I'm currently in a "tiis-ganda" mode (loosely, that means sacrificing for vanity). I hope all this itching and redness and flaking will be worth it. =)

I'm holding on to Cosmelan's 99% success rate, see the inspiring Before-After photos below. (Will I upload my own Before and After photos? We'll see.)

Hope I'm ready to come face-to-face with the results.

25 June 2010


I so understand the need for BIG bags.
I'm often kidded by friends, colleagues about my "maleta" (luggage-like) office bags, hehe. People: "Dala mo ba ang bahay nyo?" LOL
Loving her bag!
Photo: Face Hunter

Wishing for "Look for Less" versions of these LVs.
Though not as huge as the one above, these look spacious enough for my baggage er...stuff.
I wish Fino would design something like these.


Karla's gorgeous Gucci wooden platforms (Karla's Closet)

My "Look for Less" find

A white wedge from Charles & Keith


The first (authentic) Forever 21 Manila store (there was a fake Forever 21 in SM The Block!), located at the 2F Megamall, beside Watson's, near MNG, opens Friday, July 2 (info from Chuvaness).

Here are a few items on my wish list:

Vintage Saddle Oxfords

Painted Flower Peasant Tube Top

Ruffled Top

I'm not sure if I have the body type for this Floral Tube Dress

I have a top that's very similar to this Cotton Tunic!

My Celine top...

...with a similar crochet detail

I'm forever looking forward to cheap chic finds!

22 June 2010


I wore my MNG sale find -- a basic checkered shirt -- today.

MNG shirt. Zara belt. Topshop jeans. Zara flats. Cocktail ring, a bargain find!

I read somewhere that if you could wear an item at least three ways then it's worth buying.

How I plan to wear my checked (aka plaid) shirt:
1) with jeans
2) with shorts
3) with leggings
4) as a swimsuit cover-up
5) with a mini

21 June 2010


So far, this work week has been all about cocktail rings. The bigger, the better.

My Monday Ring

The Tuesday Ring...

Wednesday Bling...

According to Nina, a stylish woman knows...

How to buy with drama.
She goes for that over-the-top decadent item.
If she falls in love, she takes it home.

The power of accessories.
Done just the right way.

I want to give credit to CI, my inspiration in wearing these big baubles. We don't buy the same style of rings (I'm more pa-girl) but I love her collection, especially the vintage pieces (gorgeous!).


I was a good girl, got only two items from the MNG Spring/Summer 2010 Sale.

The silver bracelet (I love bracelets with charms)...

And a checkered shirt (basic choice)...

I'll reconsider this dress when it's 70% off na...

And maybe this too...
I like that it looks vintage but sadly, the material is polyurethane.
Wish it were leather.

Another bag option...

Can't wait to see Mango's Fall/Winter 2010 collection! =)


Instant upper: red toe nails and red shoes.

Me in my work cube.

16 June 2010


Manila goes a little crazy with the bi-annual Mango Sale.
I'm looking forward to one fun weekend.

13 June 2010

MAY 13 - JUNE 13

My self-imposed "no-shopping-for-32-days" rule ends today, June 13.

Did I survive? Sadly...no. Last night (Yes, one day before the "finish line"), I gave in to the Shangrila Sale! Arg!

To make me feel better, I'm justifying my purchase:

1) The pants -- one's black, the other's khaki -- are among Nina Garcia's "One Hundred." They're must-haves.

2) They're on sale! 20% off.

3) I was afraid the store would run out of stocks. (The shirt I wanted was gone!)

4) I will choose to celebrate the 31 days I did not shop.

Part of me is disappointed. Another part is happy. I guess I'll challenge me again next month. =)

Wish me luck!

12 June 2010


84 Words of Free Style Updates

Bored with your clothes? Try one (or a few) of these tweaks:

1) Tuck in your shirt.
2) Add a belt.
3) Try higher heels. (Pass.)
4) Roll up your sleeves.
5) Layer a tee underneath.
6) Go a couple inches shorter or longer.
7) Wear one shiny thing.
8) Never underestimate the power of black.
9) Place your best color next to your face.
10) Choose accessories big enough to spot from across the room.
11) Experiment with a new neckline.
12) Let your shoes do the flirting.
13) Don't be afraid of having fun - opt for a new pattern, style, anything.
14) If an outfit works, repeat, repeat, repeat.

--"Ask Us Anything," p66, Glamour, July 2010


I have another silly wish...to be photographed by one of the style blogs I follow: The Sartorialist, The Face Hunter or Stylesightings.

What's yours? =)

10 June 2010


I easily feel cold. That's why I often have a cardigan or jacket or wrap with me. Now, this shoulder cover from my cousin Cza's Fall/Winter 2010 collection is on my wish list.

From Status Magazine: "SHRUG CITY. This city is all about the shoulder cover called shrug. Not too much but just enough to keep the outfit interesting. Czarina mastered the art of shrugging by using different kinds of material. Boy, did it pay off! Fits perfectly in our weather temperature too, not too heavy but stylish enough for us to layer. We predict, this city is about to become a popular one.(Czarina Country, May 29, 2010, Status Mag online)"

I'll probably order one for my birthday. Gift to self. =)



Today, I wore my "Goodbye, Summer" outfit -- it's floral but in the shades of fall/winter.

A sale find from Tango. Guess how much.

Flats from hubby...

Love the cut-outs at the back...

Goodbye to Manila's 36-38C heat wave. Hello to rainy afternoons.

Is it time to get me those rain boots? They're now on sale.
And my no-shopping rule ends this Sunday. Hmmm...

09 June 2010


Kim Chiu on the cover of Preview last year, wearing my designer cousin's palabok-inspired (noodles-inspired) top...

Me in Hong Kong, New Year's Eve, wearing a version of it.

I'm so fat compared to the girl! Hahaha!

07 June 2010


Job: Project Manager for Broadcast Promotions of a Media Network

Where: Manila, Philippines

What I Love about My Job: I get paid to watch a lot of TV. Creative work. Shoots. Pictorials. Celebrities. Showbiz. Entertainment. News. Public Affairs. Public Service. We get to send a message to millions, in 30 seconds or less. I work with my Life Partner.

*Me at Work. (Sungit on the set? Nah! Just emoting for the cam. Hehe.)

My Happiness: Being with my Hubby (traveling to a new place or just cocooning); no-alarm-clock days; hugs; listening to my parents' stories; playing with my Sis & Niece; laughing out loud; meeting up with old friends; sisters' scrapbook; knowing all my loved ones are healthy and happy; sharpening pencils (it relaxes me - I'm weird that way); vanilla scents; soup (I love soup!); dress days; cheap finds; ballet flats; French tip; good massage; chick flicks; long walks; surprises; accomplishing Personal Projects!

Drinks: Water (Summit); Milk (Nestle Fresh or Nestle Melon); Soda (Coke or Royal); Melon Fruit Shake; Milk Tea

Escape: our condo; our budget travels

Magazines: In Style, Glamour, Preview, Yes!

Books: Eat, Pray, Love; Open House; The Alchemist, fashion books

Music: Beyonce, movie soundtracks

Where I Shop: Zara, Mango, Topshop, department stores, bargain hunts

Accessory: earrings (I feel naked without them), cocktail rings, bangles, anything with coin charms, gold, bib necklaces

Aspiration: To be as fit & fab as SJP or Madonna in my 40s or 50s and beyond! (Dream big!)

Ultimate Dreams: See the world with my Hubby! Build my parents' *dream* retirement home. Provide my sister with the best education. Inspire people to (1) believe in LOVE -- check my other blog [Out On a Date] and (2) stay fab even on a budget!

03 June 2010


What I wore to our SATC2 movie date...

Yes, I'm such a fan!

This is another "Look for So Much Less."

T-shirt: super comfy Bench tee (around Php300 or USD6).

Thank you to J (one of the best artists I've met) for the final artwork (Free! Yey!). And my dear cousin A, for the wonderful printing job (around Php250 or USD5)

If I get this from the HBO Store, I'll shell out around USD25 plus delivery / shipping charge. This version costs around USD11. (HBO, please forgive this girl on a budget...)