29 May 2010


What some of the women celebrities wore during our Station ID shoot under the 37-38C Manila sun...

Maxi Dress for Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez
Denim Romper for Pinay Top Model Wilma Doesnt
Hosts, "The Sweet Life"

The romper made Wilma's long legs look even longer!

Love Lucy's accessories!

Short Sun Dresses
Triathlete Suzi Entrata-Abrera & Olympian Christine Jacob-Sandejas
Hosts, "Full Time Moms"

The details on Christine's dress

Pretty Prints
Sam Oh, Host, "True Confections"
Rosebud Benitez, Chef/Host, "Quickfire"

28 May 2010


Just came from a 3-day shoot for a new Station ID. Here's what I wore to stay comfortable under Manila's heat wave.

Day 1: A pink pique tennis shirt
Location: Post Office, Manila

Day 2: White peasant top, Bayo
Location: West Triangle, Quezon City
Note to self: It was too humid! Major baaaad hair day!

Day 3: Gray tee, Zara
Location: Enchanted Kingdom

During the shoot, someone told me it was a pleasant surprise to see a team so cool and happy while shooting. No shouting. No mood swings. No taray. I'm proud to say "sungit on the set" is not my *style*...


My self-imposed no-shopping-for-a-month (May13-June13) rule is getting more challenging each day. Too many temptations!

1) I've been dreaming of this wedge from Target, only USD30 I think
(I'm low maintenance)...

2) It's been raining in Manila for two days now. Is it time to get me rain boots?

3) M just told me, it's Fino's Anniversary sale. Fino's a local leatherware chain, it's where I get my leather wallets, bags, passport holder, etc. One of their boutiques is just right across the condo. Maybe a little window shopping won't hurt... *wink*

Wedge photo: c/o Target
Rain Boots photo: c/o imaniscloset.com

22 May 2010


"Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess." -- Edna Woolman Chase (Chapter 2, The Little Black Book of Style)

According to Nina Garcia, a Style Icon knows...

1) How to edit.
She only buys what she likes and what looks good on her.

2) To invest in "The Bones" (the classic trench, the little black dress...) and build from there.

3) To buy with drama.
She goes for that over-the-top decadent item. If she falls in love, she takes it home.

4) The utmost importance of shoes.
Lots of shoes.

5) And the power of accessories.
Done just the right way.

6) A good tailor.
(Me: Or a good modista, for Pinays.)

7) How not to be the Fashion Victim.
She never buys into the trends and she never carries the "it" bag.
(Me: Well, I can't afford the It bags. Hehe!)

8) It is not about the money.
She wears her flea market Mexican earrings the same way she would wear her diamonds.
(Me: I can so relate to this one!)

9) How to mix it up.

10) How to be imperfect.
She understands that every day is not a photo shoot.
(Me: Thank God!)

Photo: Spotlightvintage.com


Today, I tried on 5 tops, 2 dresses, 1 skirt. And bought...nothing! That makes it 10 successful days of no-shopping. Yahoo!

20 May 2010


I'm no Rebecca Bloomwood. (The first sign of addiction: Denial.) But like every girl, I enjoy a bit of shopping every now and then.

For the nth time, I made a pact with myself: no shopping for new clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for a month, from May 13 until June 13. (I've survived the first week. Yipee! Come June 13, I hope I'm strong enough to extend the pact until June 30.)

Right now, the only shopping I can do is in my own closet. I'm challenging me to mix and match whatever I already have. I'm doing an inventory -- there are actually items I've forgotten about! Not that my closet's big (Hubby and I live in a cozy -- read: tiny -- condo) but as most girls know, we do tend to acquire too much stuff!

Why the self-imposed rule?
1) I want/need to save up. For bigger plans, dreams.
2) My closet's too small! There's no room for new stuff.
3) Do I really need more?

This blog's actually supposed to keep me busy (distracted) while I'm in a no-shopping mode.

Are you buying this? ROFL

**Photo: Bechicmag.com

18 May 2010


In Style came up with Carrie's Top Ten Looks.

Among their choices, my vote goes to...

...the famous tutu! It's iconic. So Carrie.

Confession: I've actually tried to copy the look. Gasp! Found a black tutu skirt and a black spaghetti tank. If it was quirky and fabulous on Carrie. It was horrible and horrible on me! I looked like a sad, fat, old ballerina! LOL I know, I know -- just because it looks good on someone doesn't mean it'll look good on you.

Like most women, I, too, had a "flower phase"...

But my flowers were never as big as Carrie's. I'm not as bold. Charlotte's my Style Twin (according to the quiz), remember?

Oh, the "Goodbye Big Louboutins"...

Since I can't afford the same pair, I settled for a "Look for Less" version (thanks, VNC)...

I'm actually proud of my "inspired-by" finds!

Carrie's Photos: In Style.com


Took the quiz on In Style.Com

According to the quiz, my style is classic and pretty like...

Charlotte York-Goldenblatt

"Demure and feminine, your style twin is Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, the consummate Park Avenue princess. Your closet is full of florals (check!), ruffles (check!), delicate heels (not anymore, hehe) and a rainbow of preppy polo shirts (check!). You favor country club separates on the weekend (not really) and elegance for evening (sometimes). Never one to reveal too much, your idea of sexy is a bare shoulder and a hint of toe cleavage (true!)."

My supposed signature pieces, still according to In Style:

1) Pretty Floral Dress
Maybe just dresses. I don't have much florals. But I'm attracted to girly details like rosettes (see What I Wore entries).

2) Lady Handbag
I'm a "big bag" lady. Baggage, much? Haha!

3) Peeptoe Pumps
I've been in a ballet flats phase for years now. But yeah, I guess those are very Charlotte too?

4) Double Strand of Pearls

I'm no Charlotte but yeah, maybe, among the SATC ladies, my style's closest to hers.

So, who's your twin?

16 May 2010


"They are just clothes, shoes and bags, you could say. And people do say it, day after day. But I think they are more than just clothes, shoes and bags. They are a large part of a woman's character and tell us a bit of her story without saying a word.

I have always found that the women with amazing personal style are powerful, intriguing, and yes, even intelligent. Very intelligent. They know who they are and what they want to project upon the world. These women understand that what they put on in the morning is the first thing that people notice about them. It tells the world a bit of their story. And more important, their clothes affect how they feel about themselves throughout the day.

Think about this when you stand in front of your closet in the morning contemplating those safe choices (ugh), those trendy choices (ugh), and those choices that tell the world who you are (yes). When you choose according to your inner muse, you will project an aura of confidence and self-assuredness that nobody else can touch." (Nina Garcia, Chapter One, The Little Black Book of Style, 2007.)

Another work week coming up. What to wear, what to wear, what to wear?

For Monday, I'm contemplating over a military green shirt dress (What would it say? I'm in command? Haha!) and a ruffled cream top with black slacks or jeans (Message: I'm a girly-girl.). I guess it'll depend on my mood when I wake up tomorrow?

I woke up feeling lady-like. And since it was 36C hot outside, I went for my H&M cream ruffled blouse. Thought bubble: Soft Summer. Paired it with my Topshop jeans. Bag (Fino) and shoes (Etienne Aigner t-strap wedge) were of the same chocolate brown shade. To break the cream-brown color combo, I wore my turquoise bangle, also from H&M. My photo lacks light, won't post it. Later, maybe.


For our sixth wedding anniversary, we said goodbye to Manila's 34-37C summer heat and said hello to Shanghai's 7-12C spring swing!

Touching the pearls of the Pearl TV Tower.
Red pull-over, Zara
Cream trench, Mango

Loving the French-style Fuxing Park
Gray coat, Zara
Sunglasses, Zara

At Xintiandi, French Concession
Zeta Villa spa

Along The Bund
Salmon coat, Zara
Black scarf, Debenhams

Note to self:
> Didn't have time for a blowdry, huh?
> Could have worn more spring colors.


A week before the Spring Festival aka Chinese New Year, we were in Singapore to attend the wedding of my hubby's cousin.

Wedding, SG Botanic Garden
Ecru dress by Czarina Villa
Earrings, Simple Joys

Love the bride's black & white dress!
She got it from Bebe. What a find!

What the women were wearing...

On our way to the SG Flyer
Navy shirt dress, SoHo
Ballet flats, Zara
Shades, Mango

At the Arts House

Chinatown, SG
Floral dress, Celine

At the Newton Foodcourt
Navy one-shoulder dress, Plains & Prints


What I wore to welcome 2010...

Hello, Hong Kong!
Black turtleneck, Zara
Black blazer, Zara

At the Hong Kong Harbor
Navy peacoat, Zara
Red, black & cream scarf, gift from L
Skinny Jeans, Lee

With hubby at the Kowloon Park
Brown turtleneck, Zara
Tan skirt, Bangkok
Book bag, Coach
Leather gloves, Marks & Spencer

With the Big Buddha
Black dress, Details
Gray turtleneck, Mango
Black tights, Marks & Spencer

Crystal Cable Car
UGG-like boots, a Hong Kong find, from a store along Granville Road
50% off, around USD20

Is that supermodel Agyness Deyn?
We're wearing similar "palabok" (noodle-inspired) tops.
Silvercord Mall

Canton Road action, New Year's Eve
To welcome 2010, I wore couture -- the "palabok" (noodles-inspired) top from my designer cousin Czarina Villa.


I wish I were as tall...

Spotted at The Bund, Shanghai
April 2010

I was wearing four layers of clothing in Shanghai's 7C Spring weather while she was wearing only this. We obviously come from different parts of the planet.


Last month, I had two weddings in one weekend. For both occasions, I wore the color of love (mush!).

The Saturday Wedding.
The couple requested that the ladies come in red.

What I love about the dress: I want to believe it makes me look longer. It shows off a bit of my back. Its v-neckline is still within my comfort zone.

The Sunday Wedding.
That's me in the long dress. With my chic designer cousin.

I think red's my color. Hope I'm right. With my dear hubby.

Here's a closer shot. With my lovely cousins.

Got both red dresses from a local department store, for less than USD100 each. Happiness!

And here's why I love the Sunday Wedding Dress a lot: I've actually been keeping a photo of Kate Winslet's Oscars 2002 red gown. I've been in love with it for almost 8 years now. Imagine how ecstatic I was when I actually found a "Look for Less" version. Even silly dreams do come true!

Photo Credit: Kate Winslet's dress c/o Watoday.com.au


Here's what I wore to the Nail Spa...

Black t-shirt, The Gap.
Black & white skirt, Plains & Prints.
Brown flip-flops, Havaianas.

Today, I wore a skirt instead of jeans (My usual Nail Spa get-up: shirt & jeans). I guess it's true -- it doesn't take much to *feel* prettier.

Note to self: time to clean the mirror! Haha!


"Many of the most stylish women in the world have not been great beauties, but they have all drawn from an enormous amount of self-confidence. They made us think they were beautiful simply by believing it themselves.

The confident woman loves herself entirely. Think Lauren Hutton and her gap-toothed smile. Think Frida Kahlo and her unibrow. Think the Duchess of Windsor, no great beauty. Think Barbra Streisand and her Grecian nose. Notice how their heads are always held up high and their flaws are always flaunted, never hidden or apologized for. Look to these women. Follow their lead.

You are the goddess, so start treating yourself accordingly. You have to pamper yourself, because nobody else is going to do it for you... And what you wear up on that pedestal matters. Sweatsuits just won't do. I promise you, a great dress or a stunning skirt will make you feel much more "spotlight worthy," and others will see you that way too." (Nina Garcia, Chapter 1, The Little Black Book of Style, 2007)

So I guess I have to start embracing my freckles, my pox marks, my teeth, my patch-y sunburn, the list could go on! Hahaha!

As for the pampering, I'm off to my Nail Spa appointment in awhile. I'll try to dress up a bit for my Me Time. I won't go in my usual jeans and shirt ensemble. A summer dress maybe?