17 February 2011


My first was with an Azkal!

How many girls can say that? *wink*

But before your imagination runs wild, allow me to be more specific -- my first hands-on STYLING experience was with the Azkals' Team Captain Aly Borromeo!

My styling mentor, Ms. Millet Arzaga, invited me to join an Azkals magazine photo shoot yesterday. (I would have died if it involved the entire team! It was just Aly's shoot -- so yes, I'm still alive, hehe.)
Above: Aly doing Arnis
The other layouts had him totally clothed,
hindi siya naabuso, promise.

I won't expound on the fashion layouts, confidential syempre. But the fashion story was mainly Ms Millet's idea. The magazine's Editor-in-Chief, the Art Director and the Photographer gave her a lot of creative freedom for this one. She told me, hindi laging ganun for stylists. The weight of a stylist's role is different for every project.
What big smile?
Di naman ako masyadong masaya. =)

Below: The Philippines National Football Team
led by Team Captain Aly Borromeo (#11)

Below: The Azkals
Ang g-gwapo!

I heart Style School!
Above: The Styling Team
Ms Millet's Assistant Audrey,
The Azkals' Aly Borromeo,
Make-Up Artist Mayose,
My Fashion Styling Mentor Ms Millet Arzaga

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