10 July 2010


Henry Sy must be so happy with SM's new business venture. The opening of the first Forever 21 store in Manila was a huge hit!

Proof of their success:

1) There were long lines before you could get in the store!
It was like the I-Phone 4 launch day. LOL

2) The 2,000 sqm store (huge by Manila's standards) was very crowded

3) Long lines in the fitting room

4) Long lines in the cashier

Scenes from Days 1 & 2:

1) The chocolate store (Cocoa?) in front of F21 is benefiting from its success.
I'd often see this candy store empty but now, it's surrounded by waiting husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, sons. Oh, the taste of sweet success!

2) The boyfriends, husbands, fathers inside the store looked so bored. LOL.
Why can't they be like my hubby? Guys, go to the bookstore or the gadget stores while your ladies shop. Just meet up for lunch / dinner / coffee later.

3) Moms were ignoring their bored crying children.

4) Moms asked Yayas to line up for them.

5) Ladies trying on clothes outside the fitting rooms, for every one to see.

My loot:

1) Got me another LBD. In lace.

2) Very pretty but affordable accessories.

3) The oxford lace-ups I saw online aren't available in Manila. Sigh.

Hooray for cheap chic finds!

Dear Mr. Henry Sy,
Can you also please bring H&M to Manila?

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