17 July 2010


For anyone suffering from sun spots, age spots, melasma, discoloration, etc, I highly recommend doing a Cosmelan Peel.

My goals before I had the treatment:

1) To get rid of my sun spots.
I know mine's not as bad as theirs (see photos above) but I still had the sun spots which I had to cover with concealer and foundation.

2) To invest on skin care rather than make-up.
I want to be smarter with my hard-earned money.

3) To get rid of my dull skin.
I want to peel! It's been awhile (more than 10 years ago) since my last.

4) It's a Bday Gift to myself.
I'm turning 34 in two weeks.

Highs and Lows of my Cosmelan experience:

1) The first week was the worst. I faced the world with a dark red face. As if I was burnt. LOL

2) Peeling started two days after my Derma applied Mask#1. I love that it was MAJOR! Imagine whole patches of skin (not just bits), peeling off, for one whole week. Loved it!

3) It can be itchy during the first week. I cut my nails to stop me from scratching my face. LOL

4) I'm on my third week now and still peeling. Bits na lang. The sight of new skin assures me I'm getting my money's worth. Yey!

5) Almost 40 of my sun spots are gone. Goodbye!

6) I asked my Derma for my "Before" photos last night. But I won't expose them to the world (unless Cosmelan or Belo pays me, LOL).We're just working on the biggest, oldest spot now. It's lighter but it's still there.

7) My skin is tighter and baby-soft, after three weeks.

8) I have my Baguio blush back! Hello, rosy cheeks.

9) Friends have complimented me for my supposed "nice make-up" when I'm actually wearing none! For three weeks now, I've been putting on only mascara and lipstick.

10) I've tried chemical and diamond peels. None of them gave me these wonderful results.

Some couldn't understand why I went through with the procedure when I have fairly good skin. It's called "skin care," dahlings. One shouldn't take good things for granted. I guess only the kikay and vain will understand. *wink*



  1. Hi
    Congratulations on doing the Cosmelan treatment and you are glowing and look 24 and not 34 - Happy Birthday!
    I too had the treatment done. Today is day 18 post the mask in-salon application. I am also still peeling. Here is a link to my Cosmelan experience blog: http://shanaaz.blog.com/2011/09/12/my-experience-with-the-cosmelan-treatment/
    Enjoy your rejuvenated skin! It was money well spent and I agree with you that going forward I will be buying skin care products instead of make-up and goodbye and farewell to foundation and concealers!!!

  2. Update: My Cosmelan treatment was good July-Dec 2010. Come Jan 2011, all my sunspots were back. =( Boo.

    1. who was your dermatologist? How much did it cost. Would you recommend this treatment?

  3. Hi! I went to the Belo-Podium branch. My skin was clear and radiant during the treatment and 3 months after. But 4 months after Cosmelan my sunspots were all back. I'd reco it, just don't expect permanent results.

  4. The package costs Php30,000.