07 June 2010


Job: Project Manager for Broadcast Promotions of a Media Network

Where: Manila, Philippines

What I Love about My Job: I get paid to watch a lot of TV. Creative work. Shoots. Pictorials. Celebrities. Showbiz. Entertainment. News. Public Affairs. Public Service. We get to send a message to millions, in 30 seconds or less. I work with my Life Partner.

*Me at Work. (Sungit on the set? Nah! Just emoting for the cam. Hehe.)

My Happiness: Being with my Hubby (traveling to a new place or just cocooning); no-alarm-clock days; hugs; listening to my parents' stories; playing with my Sis & Niece; laughing out loud; meeting up with old friends; sisters' scrapbook; knowing all my loved ones are healthy and happy; sharpening pencils (it relaxes me - I'm weird that way); vanilla scents; soup (I love soup!); dress days; cheap finds; ballet flats; French tip; good massage; chick flicks; long walks; surprises; accomplishing Personal Projects!

Drinks: Water (Summit); Milk (Nestle Fresh or Nestle Melon); Soda (Coke or Royal); Melon Fruit Shake; Milk Tea

Escape: our condo; our budget travels

Magazines: In Style, Glamour, Preview, Yes!

Books: Eat, Pray, Love; Open House; The Alchemist, fashion books

Music: Beyonce, movie soundtracks

Where I Shop: Zara, Mango, Topshop, department stores, bargain hunts

Accessory: earrings (I feel naked without them), cocktail rings, bangles, anything with coin charms, gold, bib necklaces

Aspiration: To be as fit & fab as SJP or Madonna in my 40s or 50s and beyond! (Dream big!)

Ultimate Dreams: See the world with my Hubby! Build my parents' *dream* retirement home. Provide my sister with the best education. Inspire people to (1) believe in LOVE -- check my other blog [Out On a Date] and (2) stay fab even on a budget!

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