22 February 2011


Another hands-on styling opportunity came my way! Our Fashion Styling Mentor assigned me to join the team of Preview's Daryl Chang last Sunday. As a fan of the magazine, I was thrilled! I assisted the team in their regular live variety show gig.

DC was her usual fabulous self. Too bad, I have no photos. I had my camera but forgot the memory card (how do you spell S*T*U*P*I*D? Arg.). What makes her more fab -- she was so cool the entire time. To describe the backstage of a live variety show as "crazy" is an understatement. I'm bilib that she never lost her cool despite all the wardrobe mulfunctions and styling demands.

And the highlight for me? We got to chat!

DC: You're really into styling?
Me: I still can't say. I hope to find out after the workshop.
DC: I hope you'll be able to decide soon.

Then I went on asking about Preview. She promised to answer the questions from our class, via email, as soon as she has time. Yey!

Her question -- "You're really into styling?" -- got me thinking. If I were allowed to expound (kaso busy lahat so di pwedeng madaldal diba?) I would have added...

At this point, I'm not yet sure if styling's for me. But what I'm sure of is that I love looking at stylish people (like DC)! I'm a fan of The Sartorialist (even bought the book), The Face Hunter (I'm thinking of buying the book), the Jak & Jil Blog, Sea of Shoes, Preview, and other fashion magazines. I also have a personal goal of pushing my style limits. I always wonder how stylish people put unexpected items together. I'm wondering if it may be learned through the workshop or if the skill is innate. I'm willing to go through the journey to find out.

Is styling my style? We'll find out soon. *wink*


  1. With your expounded thought, can I just share -- I, too have a secret desire to be stylish. "Put unexpected items together", but I always always end up wearing the simplest things. Dream ko mag boots (imagine, mag boots lang dream ko na! hahaha!), or wear layered clothes or huge accessories, trench coat, scarves... pero wala. I end up wearing boring pa rin. lol (pero parang un gusto ko isuot pang cold country haha)

  2. Tara! Let's make it our 2011 Project! =) When you go to Tokyo, umpisahan mo na. =)