06 August 2011


Guess what made my day? My first-ever personal (vs professional) makeup workshop!

Been wanting to learn the art but I haven't found (a) the time, (b) an affordable session, (c) and a convenient location...until now.

I chanced upon "Makeup by Karen" via Facebook. Sessions are held Saturday afternoons (Yey!), for only Php 1,500 (Wow!), along Shaw Boulevard (Our street!).

Was first to arrive at the H Studio (2F of Puregold Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City). Was there 1pm. The session starts at 2. Excited much?

First part of the workshop: Lecture

Second part: Hands-on exercise

Last: Photo shoot (Yes, there's a photographer to take head shots and group shots. I'll try to upload the "official" photos as soon as they're released to us.)

They'll provide make-up and brushes but it's more efficient to bring your own kit (The merits: 1-less waiting time; 2-you may practice with your very own tools. That gives you an instant inventory of what you have and what you still need; 3-without your own tools, wouldn't you be like those students who come to class without pen and paper?).

I tried to take photos of my work, via my Nokia c6.

Light Eye Makeup
and my version of Smokey Eyes
(not exactly Day & Night - didn't change my blush and lipstick)

Workshop notes:
  1. Came to class with a naked face. For a major before and after comparison, I should have taken a photo of me with no make-up at all, before the hands-on exercise.
  2. This was a mere 4-hour session. Should I attend a full makeup course next?
  3. I need to learn hair styling too.
  4. More expensive makeup are really better. But there are budget alternatives that may work well with your skin. Keep on trying everything.
  5. Blend, blend, blend.
  6. Master the color wheel (same lesson from Styling School).
  7. Make-up can really brighten ones face. And when you're really good at it na, it can actually hide flaws, and highlight assets.
  8. Everything can be learned. If you want to. If you try to. (Friends, I can do eye makeup na! Remember my palpak makeup days? Lol.)
  9. Practice, practice, practice.
  10. Attended for me. But I wonder if I can make a career out of this?

Hubby picked me up after the workshop. My make-up inspired him to do an instant pictorial in our (home) studio. Here's our favorite shot.

What I wore (combination of my own makeup & Karen's):
  • PAC liquid foundation
  • Fanny Serrano powder - combined two shades
  • Maybelline concealer (yellow) for highlighting
  • Fanny Serrano concealer (peach) for my dark under eyes
  • PAC eye makeup - purple and black
  • L'Oreal Summer Caresses eye makeup - Nylon and Milk Chocolate
  • In2it gel eyeliner - dark brown
  • PAC blusher - pink
  • Fanny Serrano lipstick - Coco Copper
  • used my Fanny Serrano mini brush set

Ready to face the world? *wink*


  1. i love it ayee! you're an artist truly. keep it up!

  2. Learned so much from your workshop! =) But I know I still have a long way to go. Thanks, Karen.