03 July 2010


"Be an editor.

Your closet should only contain amazing choices -- it is much easier to be inspired when you see five remarkable pieces than when you see twenty-five pieces and twenty of them are unremarkable. Pick out those key items and get rid of the rest.

Mornings are rough enough; help yourself out a little bit. Edit your closet, then edit your shopping habits, and I promise you that being stylish will become much easier.

1) Throw out what you don't wear and what doesn't look good on you.

2) Buy the right size.
If you're a size 8, do not buy a size 6 "because you are going to lose weight."

3) Don't be sucked in by the sale tag.
Paying $100 for a pair of jeans that cost $200 is a great deal. But if you are never going to wear those jeans, you don't need them, or really even like them, that's a very expensive deal.

4) Don't play it too safe.
Fashion should be fun! Twenty black skirts tend to offer little inspiration. One white beaded vintage skirt offers a lot.

5) Do not buy according to the trends.
Wear what suits you and what makes you comfortable.

6) Be ruthless when you edit.
If you haven't worn them in years, you will never wear them again."

THE MORE YOU KNOW, THE LESS YOU NEED. -- Aboriginal saying

--Chapter Two, The Basics, The Little Black Book of Style, Nina Garcia


  1. Awesome! As for us for past few years, maliit ang closet space so kailangan talaga mag-edit...except of course, if you own nice vintage Valentino gowns or Chanel jackets! (Sana!) Btw, a friend actually wore her lola's flapper dress on the dinner and dance, not bad keeping it for YEARS! :)

  2. Krissy, If I had my dream walk-in closet, editing wouldn't be too painful, hehe. =) Speaking of vintage dresses, I've been actually bugging my Mama about a salmon dress she owned maybe 30 years ago -- I want it na! It was a beautiful Sunday dress, with lace details, the only dress she had that time (getting sentimental here)...but sadly, she's forgotten where she kept it. Pag may oras ako, pagtitiyagaan kong hanapin sa bodega nila, hehe. =)