22 November 2011


Bits from the article JUST ONCE IN LIFE, EVERY WOMAN SHOULD...
(Glamour magazine, December 2012)

  • Fall madly in love! (Me: Check!)
  • Try skydiving! (Me: Hmmm...)
  • Buy the crazy-expensive dress! (Me: Later in life.)

Three writers on the essential experiences you really don't want to miss out on...
  • Be wildly, passionately pursued. Sounds outdated, but you deserve it. -- Caitlin Flanagan (Me: Check! Haba ng hair.)
  • Be a fan of something - anything. Sports. Gaga. Buffy. Obsessing is fun! -- Emily Nussbaum  (Me: Check! Sex and The City, my Ginebra fan days...)
  • Be friends with a much older woman. No, your mom doesn't count. -- ZZ Packer  (Me: I want to do this.)

From seven celebrities...
  • "Go zip-lining. I love it can't wait to do it again." -- Christina Hendricks  (Me: Hmmm. Parang sky diving din ito.)
  • "Eat a piece of cake! Eat a doughnut! Forget about everything and eat a doughnut and don't feel guilty about it!" -- Zooey Deschanel  (Me: Check! That's why I miss my skinny self. Lol.)
  • "Live alone!" -- Gabby Sidibe  (Me: I want to try this. But I can't imagine how -- I'm happily married. And I love living with my Hubby. Hehe.)                                                                                                          
  • "Once in her life, a woman should buy something she knows she can't afford, that she wants desperately, and buy it with her own money." -- Elisabeth Moss  (Me: Again, all the big spending will have to wait later in life.)                                               
  • "I think probably vomit in public. I'm just throwing it out there! Listen, a lesson in humility is good for all of us." -- Anna Faris  (Me: I'm all for lessons in humility. But vomiting in public has an age limit. So pass. Lol.)                                                                                                     
  • "Get the courage to say exactly what you're thinking and stand up for yourself. When you do that as a woman, you realize how much power words have." -- Olivia Munn  (Me: Check! Check! Check!)                                             
  • "I always wanted to run a marathon and get a really short, G.I. Jane haircut. I trained for the marathon but got injured. And I've never had the chutzpah for the haircut!" -- Julie Bowen  (Me: Fun runs - Check! Marathon - I'll put that on my list. Boys cut - Check! G.I. Jane cut - Hmmm...)          

My answer: Once in life, every woman should leave her comfort zone to follow her heart and pursue a dream. Read my other blog for more on this. (On Courage, read here. Have Faith, Not Fear, read here. Retiring at 35, read here, What I Know For Sure, read here. A Better Me, read here.)

How did you do this year?

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