18 June 2011


"Taylor Fit" is among my hubby's photography notes. Re-posting it as a styling entry.

It was a fine Sunday afternoon, with the sunlight dappling through the trees, falling gently on the green grass, seemingly playing with the shadows. We were beneath a cool canopy, breaking the twigs beneath our feet, throwing fallen flowers into the air. It was one of those memorable days when you must have a camera in hand to capture those fleeting moments. And there I was, happily shooting with my camera, taking pictures of Taylor Swift.

Well, not exactly. I was shooting my niece, E. In a Taylor Swift-inspired photoshoot. In a photostory conjured by my wife, A. I wanted to practice my photography. She wanted to practice her styling. And our niece wanted to model. E was channeling Taylor Swift. A was channeling Rachel Zoe. I was channeling Parc Cruz. E posed, A styled, I clicked.

Yes, it was one of those days, when we do something we love with people we love, on a fine Sunday afternoon.

Model: E

Stylist, HMUA, Voice Activated Light Stand, My Wonder Woman Wife: A

Photographer: J

Special thanks to our dear cousin, P, for making the shoot possible.

Taylor's album cover.
E's cover girl shot.

We didn't have a vine-covered swing.
But E found dried leaves and white flowers (calachuchi).

The last layout.

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