19 June 2011


What is it that makes people think what you do is simple, easy, and glamorous?

Styling is still pretty foreign to most people. People see an editorial or a celebrity on the red carpet and think, "I can do that!" They don't see weeks of preparation, cars full of garment bags, late-night fittings, tailoring, returns, et cetera.

What's your biggest styling tip or secret?

Know what works with your body. You can always enhance your body with a good tailor and Spanx, but don't try to wear something that does not flatter your body type. From skinny to curvy, every shape is beautiful, but it's knowing what to hide and what to show off that makes every outfit sexy. Look at celebrities with similar body types for inspiration.

-- Q & A with Monica Rose, p35, "Secrets of Stylists," SCMorrison

L.A.-based stylist Monica Rose keeps herself incredibly busy dressing all the Kardashian girls (and mom Kris) as well as juggling other clients and editorial work

From: kardashianstyleguide.com

from celebuzz.com

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