19 June 2011


Sharing some of the secrets from my current read...

What is your best styling secret?

Undergarments, such as things to make your boobies look good, things to make your tummy flatter, and things to make your waist smaller. For instance, I can take three inches away from someone's waist.

What kind of impact do you think styling has on regular women?

Talking about the First Lady, sales went up for the Gap and for J. Crew when she wore their sweaters. She took a designer, Jason Wu, and made him a household name. You put a certain purse on a certain woman, say Nicole Kidman, and everybody who aspires to be her or loves her will go out and buy this purse. So fashion on a celebrity makes a huge impact.

-- bits of the Q & A with Stylist Jessica Paster, page 18-19, "Secrets of Stylists," SCMorrison

Jessica's best known to the public for the time she spent as Jessica Simpson's stylist as well as Christina Applegate, Hilary Duff, and Britney Spears, but she has also paved the way for the styling business in L.A. She's also well known for styling fashion icon Cate Blanchett and most recently, Dakota Fanning

Michelle Obama meeting with Nancy Reagan,
June 2009,
wearing a Gap shirt and cardigan
(from Instyle.com)

A blue marbled-print dress from Gap
worn as a tunic top.
(from MarieClare.uk)

An unexpected choice --
the Inauguration Ball dress
by Jason Wu
(Getty Images)

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