27 June 2011


I love makeovers!

If you do too, then you should catch Fashbook, Philippine TV's makeover show. To nominate a loved one for a makeover, the first step is to "Like" their Facebook page (Facebook-Fashbook, gets?).

Below is one of the promo spots we produced for the show. Watch it to see why fashionista, make-up artist, stylist, painter and local Tinseltown's It Girl, Solenn Heussaff is the perfect person to host a makeover show.

Some photos from behind-the-scenes...

Above, clockwise:
Solenn at the McKinley Hill photo shoot;
Me with my local showbiz girl-crush Solenn (round face vs oval face, LOL!);
waiting for the lights and cam set-up;
chatting with the staff

It was easy to see she's a beauty inside and out. She's such a joy to work with -- no diva complex at all. She listens to directions, dresses herself up (no alalays necessary), and even volunteers to do extra takes to perfect her lines. She even generously shared her chubby photos from her not-so-distant past, no hang-ups whatsoever. Such an inspiration for anyone trying to lose weight and be the best versions of themselves.

Makapagpa-makeover na nga!

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