19 June 2011


It happens: two celebs show up wearing the same dress.

How do you prevent another person from wearing your client's look? There's absolutely nothing you can do once a dress from the runway has been commercialized for sale. At that point, everyone has access to buy it, throw it on his or her back, and make appearances.

Most of the time it's an honest mistake. But other times. certain celebs and stylists have been known to repeat someone else's look to get press (Me: GASP!). Such individuals know what's been previously worn, since many showrooms tag a dress with that sort of information. But they'll still pull the look and put their client in it.

There have been a few rare occasions when a dress that was meant for one celebrity ended up on another, with happy consequences. For instance, when Nicole Richie ended up at her court appearance in the Moschino dress originally meant for Jessica Biel, everything worked out. she showed up in court looking like Audrey Hepburn, and the photo was seen everywhere, bringing lots of attention to Moschino.

-- p52-53, "Secrets of Stylists," Sasha Charnin Morrison

from celebwarship.com

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