31 May 2011


Attached is the "Quickfire: 10-Minute Kitchen Wonders" opening credits.
I'm part of it as one of the foodies.

How the teams -- the Promo & Program teams -- styled the opening credits:

1) Naturally, Chef Mom-Host RB had to stand-out. We made her wear red, the program sponsor's brand color.

2) RCruz's styling team presented three red casual outfits. I chose this top for RB as it was most fab -- sleeveless on one side. The other choices were also pretty but were "too mommy." As a Chef welcoming guests to her (TV) kitchen, RB has to look more dressed-up.

3) We made the foodies wear neutrals -- I wore oatmeal (a Zara pull-over), the other two wore white. Again, to make sure Chef RB stands out.

4) Hair and make-up requirement: Fresh. Nothing fancy (true to the program concept of 10-minute home kitchen recipes). Just a great blow dry and natural make-up that brings out her glow.

With our very limited budget, did our styling work?

Quickfire OBB credits / Promo Team:

Creative Director: LAT
Associate Creative Director: GPM
Project Manager: Me
Writer: CIlagan
Art Director: WDelFonso

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