09 September 2010



The One Hundred – P, Q, R

62. Pajamas

Check! My only pair's from my Mom.

63. Pea coat

My pea coat from Zara, HK Avenue of Stars, Dec2009

What makes the pea coat so desirable? It’s the unfussy practicality about it. Each feature – the warm wool, the double-breasted front, the big buttons (best when anchor-stamped, of course), and those divine oversized lapels – was chosen by the Navy for function, not fashion.

64. Pearl Necklace

1996: Jackie O’s USD80 strand of fake pearls sold at auction for USD 211,500.

65. Pencil Skirt

Nina’s Tips:
•The hemline should fall just below or just above the knee.
•It is most flattering when work with sky-high heels.
•Try a high-waisted version to elongate the line of the body.
•It should always be snug but never too tight.
•It should have a vent or it could be hard to walk or sit. Be mindful of such tailoring.
•A little starch in the fabric makes it immeasurably easier to wear.

66. Perfume

For daytime, I use cologne. I’m attracted to vanilla-based scents.
I use perfume only to formal events. I have no signature perfume yet, I’ve been experimenting.

67. Plain White Tee
Check! Mine are from Zara, Mango, Gap and Bench.

68. Polo Shirt

The polo shirt was strictly athletic wear until Rene Lacoste, an international tennis champion, asked a friend to design a short-sleeve cotton-knit shirt to wear on the court. Before the Lacoste shirt was made, tennis was played in uncomfortable long sleeved woven shirts. Lacoste’s nickname was “le crocodile,” and so the little croc was placed on the left breast as the logo. This is reportedly the first instance of a brand logo being sewn on the outside of a piece of clothing. We’ve not been without that adorable crocodile ever since.

69. Pucci
None yet.

70. Push-Up Bra

71. Quality Champagne

72. Red Lipstick

73. Robe
None yet.

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