06 September 2010



Nina’s One Hundred – J, K, L

42. Jeans

Nina’s Fun Fact: The average American owns 8.3 pairs of blue jeans.

I have seven blue jeans, one black. I know how tough it is to find the perfect pair. I used to get mine from Topshop, Mango, and Lee. But I’ve learned my lesson – the only way to get the perfect pair is to have them customized. Thanks to my hubby for introducing me to Viktor and Defacto.

More tips from Nina:
•Do not assume that because a brand is expensive or a friend or a celebrity “swears by them” that they will be the right jeans for you. One brand does not suit all.
•Try a jean with stretch. A revelation and a revolution. [True!]
•Consider a white jean or a black jean. [I have a black one from Defacto.]
•Expect to have them tailored. It’s rare to find a pair of jeans that fit you right off the rack. [Amen!]
•Try out every brand, style, size. Seek and ye shall find.

43. Jewelry Pouches

44. Khakis

Khaki, the Hindi-Urdu word for earth-colored, was invented in nineteenth-century India. The British Army wanted to save their white uniforms from the windblown dust, so they began dyeing their clothes in coffee and curry powder. The fabric became the standard for British and American army uniforms and later became a favorite among the upper-class and preppy.

45. Knee Boots
Check! Mine’s brown leather, flat, up to just below the knee.

46. Leather Pants

47. Lingerie

The big four necessities:

Camisole: Check!
To go under all the blazers and jackets

Silk Slip: Check!
To go under those dresses that are questionably thin or too clingy.

Negligee: Check!
To sleep in and feel amazingly sexy when you need something a notch up from your standard pajamas.

Silk Stockings: None yet
To drive men wild. Forget sex toys, these are all you need? [Me: Really?]

48. Little Black Dress
Check! I have nine.

Nina: No matter what the cost, buy it. It may be H&M or it may be Alaia. The price is immaterial, since it can always be justified by the rules of fashion math: cost divided by number of times worn equals priceless. It will be there time after time, decade after decade.

Nina’s Tips:
• Choose the best material you can find (not all are created equal) and nothing too tight or too shiny.
• Consider your LBD a blank canvas instead of a fallback. It demands to be accessorized and adorned.
• To avoid being accused of playing it safe, make sure you have a dash of daring (a dangerous stiletto, bold jewelry, etc.), and make sure it shows off your best assets.
• Remember, the reason the simple garment is so enduring is because it understands the essence of style: to step back and let the woman shine. So shine.
• It is said that you need only one, but a minimum of two is a better guideline.
• Make sure you can dance in it.

49. Little White Dress
Check! See My Bday Dress entry.

50. L.L. Bean Tote
None yet. Nina says nothing is too heavy for this bag. As a big bag person, I guess I need one.

51. Luggage

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