20 May 2010


I'm no Rebecca Bloomwood. (The first sign of addiction: Denial.) But like every girl, I enjoy a bit of shopping every now and then.

For the nth time, I made a pact with myself: no shopping for new clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for a month, from May 13 until June 13. (I've survived the first week. Yipee! Come June 13, I hope I'm strong enough to extend the pact until June 30.)

Right now, the only shopping I can do is in my own closet. I'm challenging me to mix and match whatever I already have. I'm doing an inventory -- there are actually items I've forgotten about! Not that my closet's big (Hubby and I live in a cozy -- read: tiny -- condo) but as most girls know, we do tend to acquire too much stuff!

Why the self-imposed rule?
1) I want/need to save up. For bigger plans, dreams.
2) My closet's too small! There's no room for new stuff.
3) Do I really need more?

This blog's actually supposed to keep me busy (distracted) while I'm in a no-shopping mode.

Are you buying this? ROFL

**Photo: Bechicmag.com

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