18 May 2010


Took the quiz on In Style.Com

According to the quiz, my style is classic and pretty like...

Charlotte York-Goldenblatt

"Demure and feminine, your style twin is Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, the consummate Park Avenue princess. Your closet is full of florals (check!), ruffles (check!), delicate heels (not anymore, hehe) and a rainbow of preppy polo shirts (check!). You favor country club separates on the weekend (not really) and elegance for evening (sometimes). Never one to reveal too much, your idea of sexy is a bare shoulder and a hint of toe cleavage (true!)."

My supposed signature pieces, still according to In Style:

1) Pretty Floral Dress
Maybe just dresses. I don't have much florals. But I'm attracted to girly details like rosettes (see What I Wore entries).

2) Lady Handbag
I'm a "big bag" lady. Baggage, much? Haha!

3) Peeptoe Pumps
I've been in a ballet flats phase for years now. But yeah, I guess those are very Charlotte too?

4) Double Strand of Pearls

I'm no Charlotte but yeah, maybe, among the SATC ladies, my style's closest to hers.

So, who's your twin?

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