06 March 2011


For my mock fashion story for a glossy magazine's June 2011 issue, I chose to do pages for the rainy season. Inspired by the visual of a red umbrella standing out amidst a sea of black umbrellas, I created a story for women who won't allow wet weather to dampen their style.

Red against a canvass of monotonous black, white and gray -- a reflection of the standout woman who won't let gray skies and the wet city rain on her every day parade.

Proud to say our Styling Mentor chose "No Gray Skies" as one of the best stories in class for being, "Focused. Cohesive. Hindi literal. Having a strong start."

Opening Spread

Outfit 2, Pose 1

Outfit 2, Pose 2

Outfit 3, Pose 1

Outfit 3, Pose 2

Project highlights:

1) Collaboration with hubby was so much fun! I really love brainstorming and working with him. Proud to say we're really a team.

2) Divine intervention: it rained the morning we scheduled the shoot. Perfect!

3) The styling item that was most difficult to find: the bright red umbrella. The malls had them in maroon or fuchsia. Found the right red in the market (Yey!) for only P150.

4) I had fun modeling! I know I won't measure to the pros (height pa lang kulang na) but I still enjoyed the experience. I say, do not take life too seriously!

5) I still have so much to learn when it comes to styling. After the shoot, after seeing the prints, ako mismo ang daming critique sa work ko. But as my hubby reminded me, "Don't be afraid to fail. That's how we learn." Amen to that.

6) "No Gray Skies" is an attitude I'm trying to live out every day. No matter what the situation, I always try to find a way to brighten things up. *wink*


  1. I love the first photo (opening spread) and outfit 3 (red really becomes you!), A :D
    Where did you get your transparent umbrella? :D

  2. Thanks! =) Transparent umbrella is actually from Watson's, only Php119. It comes in black too. (We were instructed to do mock credits.)

  3. how cool ayee! para talagang page from a fashion mag!