29 May 2011


Currently reading Sasha Charnin Morrison's SECRETS OF STYLIST (around Php1,100 at National Bookstore, Shangri-La Mall). I'm enjoying reading about the juicy styling bits. Syempre, ibang level ang Hollywood.
I'm in awe of how extensive their styling kits are! They actually have rolling bags and trunks. My kit's so basic -- double-sided tapes, scissors, a sewing kit, lint roller, clips, safety pins, nipple tapes, stain remover, nail cutter. Hindi pa naman kasi ako pro, just doing it on the side, for me, for fun.

Bits from the cover:
"And while it may appear that Stylists' lives are one long montage of champagne, limos, and red carpets, in fact there's a lot of grit that goes along with the glamour.

Sasha Charnin Morrison, fashion director at US Weekly, reveals the stories behind celebrities' best and worst looks, what goes into famous image transformations like Nicole Richie's and Katie Holmes', the essentials every stylist must have on hand (double-sided tape, cutlets, manzierres, and more!) and what to do if something goes wrong (and things will definitely go wrong.)"

From Nina Garcia:
"For anyone looking to break into the styling world, this is the perfect how-to handbook. A fabulous read!"

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