03 May 2011


I have another wedding blog entry. But there's nothing Royal about this one, hehe.

As a bride-on-a-budget, I headed to a really affordable mananahi (seamstress or dressmaker) for my wedding dress. It was super simple, just like our wedding itself (We're believers of investing on the marriage, not the wedding).

Me: Buti pa ang mannequin, may boobs!

Been kidding my husband to marry me again so I could have another wedding gown made. I want something more fabulous this time. Something by my designer cousin Czarina (who was still in school when I walked down the aisle).

His reply: "Is that (marrying again) allowed by the Church?"

Me: "Hmp! May valid excuse ka ha! Sige, wedding anniversary dress na lang, for a party."

I'm taking his smile as a yes. Haha!

Maybe for our 10th wedding anniversary? *wink*

This reads like an entry for my other blog too, outonadate.blogpot.com.

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