06 November 2010


My Cosmelan Update is this blog's number two most-read entry.

I wonder if Kris Aquino and Belo's recent reunion made people interested in the procedure. Have women been surfing about it? And some chanced upon my update? Here are some of the press releases on the Presidential sister's experience -- Kris Aquino's Belo Homecoming and How Kris became freckle-free. I know a lot of us can't stand her. But having one of the most radiant skin in local tinsel town, Kris' regimen is a possible point of interest.

The Cosmelan Pack
1st Pot (Cosmelan 1): Will be applied by the derma in the clinic.
2nd Pot (Cosmelan 2): This is what you'll bring home for twice a day application.
Blue bottle: Doc will use this to clean your face before applying Cosmelan 1.
White Tube: Will help ease the stinging and drying.

So should you believe all the hype about Cosmelan? Based on my experience, yes, all my sun spots are gone, fifty plus of them.

I was hoping it'd take away my moles too. But it didn't. It never promised that. I was just wishing! =) I'm still far from being flawless -- still have my chicken pox marks (from 18 years ago) and moles (something I inherited from my mole-y Mom). My Belo derma was honest enough to tell me chicken pox marks are tough to deal with (maybe that's why even Demi Moore still has hers?). My doctor was suggesting a procedure I could try (operative word: try). Pwede raw bumabaw, pero di siguradong maaalis. So no, thanks.

I'm glad my vanity has its limits. Besides, perfection is overrated. Agree?

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