15 November 2010


One of my goals for 2010 was to grow my hair long (I've had it short for over two years). Mission accomplished.

But now, I'm too lazy for any hair pampering. So I'm settling for the Bedhead look (the condition of having unkempt hair; as if you just got up from sleep). I've seen the low-maintenance look work on models and actresses.
Above: Katie, Giselle, Gemma

Above: My ultimate peg for the effortless look,

I'm trying to make
the "wash & wear" (no blow drying) look
work for me too.

But my hubby's reaction -- "Wala ka bang suklay?" (Don't you own a comb?) -- is making me think twice about letting my hair down. LOL


  1. you know what i do? i "loosely" braid my hair when it's still a LITTLE bit damp (towel dried), then leave it like that my entire 1 hour commute and take it off when i get to work... and voila, my thick straight asian tresses get that body of soft curls/waves... the haircut also has a lot to do with it --- layered cut, some thinning on the ends so it falls lighter. Hi Ayee!! This is Tina Rosadia by the way, i just stumbled on your blog! I love it!