22 November 2010


What's your exercise style?

I'm far from being athletic (as a student, P.E. has always been my waterloo). But that hasn't stopped me from wanting to stay fit (part health effort, part vanity, hehe).

What I've tried:
  1. Yoga (Bikram included): I'm going back as soon as I achieve my target weight. 9 pounds to go!
  2. Boxing: We're looking for another gym. We used to do this in the Quezon City area. But since we've moved, we're looking for a new boxing gym. Below: Our Pacquiao-autographed gloves.
  3. Belly
    dancing: This was so much fun but our dance teacher got pregnant (and it was a delicate one) so we had to cancel the class.
  4. Tae-bo: It was OK but it's not for me.
  5. Cardio workouts at the gym: Ongoing.
  6. Right now, I'm into running. See one of the running entries on my other blog. I was inspired by the many weight loss success stories attributed to running. Plus, I'm dreaming of having runner's legs (see below, from boards.weddingbee.com).
The Goal

Inspired by Reebok's Ad?
Even if I run 'til I die, I don't think I'll be as toned as Helena Christensen! LOL

Above: Singlets & bibs from our first fun run.
Me 3K, Hubby 5K.

Above: Shirts & bibs from last Sunday's run.
I joined my Hubby in the 5K race.

Above: Our running shoes.
We workout together, at least 5 times / week.
FYI: My New Balance is so light weight, I highly recommend it!

Wishing and Hoping!

"It makes evolutionary sense to care about beauty. What's a mistake is to assume beauty is only external. After all, someone may be a knockout, but if she is in pain, lacks energy, is always unhappy or spiritually disconnected, her attractiveness will fade fast." Dr. Oz

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