13 November 2010


Working for a media network, my desk's often covered with scripts, storyboards, layouts, cost estimates, brand architectures, pegs, job orders, etc. For work not to feel like work, I surround myself with things that inspire me.

The Happy Corner
A collage of shoe history.
My Sex And The City books.
Framed Photos of My Lovely Family.
An officemate confessed to me: I visit you to check out your SATC corner!
It makes her smile raw, hehe.

New York State of Mind
Box with Shoe-Top: A gift from one of our creative writers, J.
Manhattan Skyline: A gift from one of the best Art Directors I've met, another J.

"There's an Imelda in all of us."
A few of my miniature shoe collection.
Behind them: An Andy Warhol Shoe Print, a gift from another creative soul A.

Sole Mates
My bookmark and my calculator are inseparable.

Pencil it in!
For work, I prefer pencils over pens.
Sharpening my Mongol is one of my ways to de-stress.

Working for Women.
The station's target market: Females.
My giant Jordi Labanda notebook honors the many women I work for.

Who's in control?
That's the remote to my cube's TV monitor.
Watching a lot of television is part of my job.
Ain't life grand? =)

Tools of the Trade
Magazines: to keep up with trends, for pictorial pegs, for print ad monitoring, etc.
My lowly Nokia E63 -- as long as I can text, call and surf, I'm fine.

Pictures to follow: 2010 Shoe Calendar from MW. My Andy Warhol Shoe notebook. My shoe books from different bookstores. Shoe magnets from tiangges, some are gifts.

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