28 August 2010



Nina's One Hundred - C


14. Cable-Knit Sweater
Check! I've got brown, gray, oatmeal. They're perfect for the office where it's often sub-zero! (The network's airconditioning system is mainly for the machines, not us, hehe.)

Nina's Tips
Weekend casual: Find an over sized oatmeal version with skinny jeans tucked into harness boots.

Supremely Sophisticated: Wear a white fitted cable-knit with white pants and a camel coat thrown on top.

Thoroughly Modern: Seek out a cashmere dress version and pair with a belt and a boot.

Prep School Chic: Stay true to its roots and wear a J. Crew version with chinos and moccasins

15. Caftan
Check! Mine's more of tunics. Love how comfy they could be!
I've used them as swimsuit cover-up, I've paired them with shorts and jeans.

What's in a name...

Caftan: Turkish origin. A long cloak, with or without sleeves. Usually long and voluminous; most often made from linen or silk.

Djellaba: Egyptian/Arab origin. A long, flowing robe, traditionally worn by men in the Middle East.

Tunic: Greco-Roman origin. A simple, slip-on garment. Usually knee-length but can be shorter (especially the modern tunic top).

16. Camel Coat
None yet

17. Cape
None yet.

Nina: There is a reason Superman and Dracula are such big fans. It is the perfect way to add drama, hides a multitude of flaws, and is a great option to pair with an evening dress.

18. Cashmere Sweater
Wishing for one.

19. Charm Bracelet
Wish I could wear my bracelets everyday...

See my Coin Charms blog entry, July 2010.

20. Clutch
Check! Mine's gold, a cheap find.

The idea of the clutch purse originated in the Victorian era, when proper ladies carried small, decorative bags in order to store their handkerchiefs and smelling salts. It wasn't until WW2 that the clutch became a mainstream fashion staple. Because of the rationing during the war, everything had to be downsized and the clutch became the bag of choice. When the rationing ended, women refused to let go of the clutch, and it is now an essential item in every chic woman's wardrobe.

21. Cocktail Ring

See my Put A Ring On It blog entry, June 2010.

Fun Fact: The term "cocktail ring" emerged during Prohibition, when women would wear large, bold rings to illegal cocktail parties. A woman would flit her hand around, drawing attention to the bauble, to let you know that not only was she drinking illegally, she was doing it in style.

22. Converse
Check! Mine's blue. I never thought I'd buy a pair. But since hubby swears by its comfort, I got me one. Haven't worn mine though. I'll probably bring it to our Beijing trip. I'll climb The Great Wall in them. =)

Fun Fact: Converse High-Tops are also called Chuck Taylors, because in 1918, a high-school basketball star, Chuck Taylor, began wearing them. He later promoted and lent his name to the sneakers.

23. Cosmetics Bag

A peek inside mine: Chapstick, gel eye liner, nude lipstick, red lipstick, mascara, comb, compact, alcohol spray, safety pins, nail cutter, nail file, hair pins, hair elastics, tissue, gum.

24. Cowboy Boots

25. Cuff
None yet. Tried one last week. If it's still there when I go back, then Da-Darna ako!

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