08 August 2010


Jennifer Aniston was voted Best-Dressed Traveler by In Style

I wonder if she travels with a stylist and hair & make-up artist every time?
Or was she just born fab? =)

Now, for some travel tips from the pros, here are the celebrity travel must-haves according to the site:

1) Neutral trench - Got one.

2) Worn-in jeans - Check! But I really don't enjoy wearing denim when flying. Cotton's my preferred material.

3) Maxidress - Check! But I'm afraid I'll be sweeping all of the airport's dirt with a long dress.

4) Leather jacket - Still saving up for one.

5) Colorful scarf - Check!

6) Striped top - Check!

7) Bright flats - Check! Red.

8) Oversize tote - Check!

Even if I wear these to our next flight, I won't look anywhere near those stars, hehe. But since I'm living by Nina's rule -- Be your own muse! -- I'll continue to try passing through every airport with flying (fashion) colors. *wink*


  1. Hey Ayee! Loved your post about Taipei. Thanks for the visa application tips =) Amazing! =)

    By the way, where did you get your colorful scarf? =)

  2. The red scarf? From one of GMA's Production Designers, Ricky Cruz. It comes in diff colors -- black, gray, pink, yellow, etc. So cheap at Php150! Want to order one? I can hook you up with him.

  3. Hey Ayee =) I just read your new entry. Reading your blog pushes me to do things I've been putting off =)

    About the red scarf, YEEEEEEEEEAH! Please please hook me up with him =) You may email me at tjjramos1025@yahoo.com or reach me through my mobile =)