07 August 2010


My List:

1) A black leather carry-on

2) Black tights
It's all about comfort.

3) Black ballet flats or my black UGG-like boots
I want something I can easily slip in and out of at the airport.

4) Sleeping mask
Can't sleep without it. I also have one at home.
I consider this my "security blanket."

5) Shades

6) My red scarf cum poncho cum blanket
A brilliant creation of RC, sold for only Php150 (approx USD3).

7) A boyfriend-style cardigan
I easily feel cold. I bring everything that can help keep me warm.

8) My camera

9) My cellphone
Hubby installed a WorldMate application on it.
This mobile travel service is a winner -- clocks, currency, weather center, world map, etc.

10) My passport (of course)
Mine has a pink leather cover. So arte!

11) A book or magazine

12) A tiny tube of moisturizer
Flying dries the skin.

13) My I-pod Nano

What's on your list?

1 comment:

  1. Bwahahaha...I love the "maarte" passport holder! :)