07 July 2010


After writing about The Classics, I got to read Pauline Juan's Editor's Note on being too safe with ones choices.

"(Others) choose style over fashion. They cull inspiration from Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O., or some other style paragon and recreate a classic, timeless look. The trouble with going down this route is that you end up with a look everyone's seen before, and because you're channeling dead '60s icons, you start to look their age too."**

This made me laugh out loud! Very brilliant reminder (warning?) from one of the Pinoy fashion insiders I look up to (I'm a fan of Preview).

**"When Fashion Fatigue Strikes," Pauline Juan, Preview, July 2010


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  2. The golden mean is, although we can stock up having an LBD, checks, the white shirt, the khakis, etc., we should play up on the cut, texture, and how these classics are worn. Otherwise, we will look standard and a "copycat" of mainstream look, defeating the purpose of having an individual style. As they say, there's always a new way of wearing the same things. :)