03 July 2010


My current reads...

Encore! Encore!
1) "The Little Black Book of Style," Nina Garcia
2) "The One Hundred," Nina Garcia
3) "The Style Strategy," Nina Garcia
4) "Eat, Pray, Love," Elizabeth Gilbert

I'm going through Nina's books over and over...naturally! This blog exists because of these titles, my style inspirations.

As for "Eat, Pray, Love," I really enjoyed reading the title that's why I find myself scanning through my favorite lines again and again. Can't wait to see the movie adaptation starring Julia Roberts. I think it's showing next month. Gilbert's writing is so raw, so real, I often find myself saying, "I so know what you mean."

"A meditation on love in its many forms -- love of food, language, humanity, God, and most meaningful for Gilbert, love of self..." (LA Times)

Still reading...
1) "The Sartorialist"

I'm a fan of his blog. So when the book came out, of course, I had to have a copy! I enjoy looking at the photos. Such stylish people! I wonder if a Filipino has made it to The Sartorialist...

Still reading...
2) Preview magazine June 2010
3) Glamour magazine June 2010
4) Glamour magazine July 2010

I never finish my magazines in one sitting.

Just finished...
1) "Sex and the City 2. The stories. The fashion. The adventure."

Like the film, there's no point in doing a review / critique of the book. Just have fun with it (it's among the things in life we shouldn't take seriously)! I'll try to do a separate blog entry about this.

Reading next...
1) "Committed," Elizabeth Gilbert

Because I loved "Eat, Pray, Love," I'm excited for Liz's follow-up, "Committed." I'll probably start tonight.

What's your reading style?

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