12 June 2010


84 Words of Free Style Updates

Bored with your clothes? Try one (or a few) of these tweaks:

1) Tuck in your shirt.
2) Add a belt.
3) Try higher heels. (Pass.)
4) Roll up your sleeves.
5) Layer a tee underneath.
6) Go a couple inches shorter or longer.
7) Wear one shiny thing.
8) Never underestimate the power of black.
9) Place your best color next to your face.
10) Choose accessories big enough to spot from across the room.
11) Experiment with a new neckline.
12) Let your shoes do the flirting.
13) Don't be afraid of having fun - opt for a new pattern, style, anything.
14) If an outfit works, repeat, repeat, repeat.

--"Ask Us Anything," p66, Glamour, July 2010