28 June 2010


After enjoying too many summers, my skin has been damaged by sun spots aka age spots. As the rainy season sets in (and with my 34th birthday coming up), I thought it'd be the perfect time to have my spots treated. Went to the Derma for a Cosmelan Peel. Its high success rate attracted me to the procedure.

Today, Day 2 of the peel, I went to work with a dark red, dry, itchy face (Doc warned me about the side effects).

I was so conscious when I arrived at the office, didn't take my shades off for the first hour. Then I decided, what the heck, I shouldn't lose face over my decision. When I finally exposed me, I got all sorts of reactions -- shock, concern, curiosity, bewilderment, laughter, etc. LOL

According to my Derma (and my research), the worst will be over after the first week (I really hope so!). I'm currently in a "tiis-ganda" mode (loosely, that means sacrificing for vanity). I hope all this itching and redness and flaking will be worth it. =)

I'm holding on to Cosmelan's 99% success rate, see the inspiring Before-After photos below. (Will I upload my own Before and After photos? We'll see.)

Hope I'm ready to come face-to-face with the results.

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