13 June 2010

MAY 13 - JUNE 13

My self-imposed "no-shopping-for-32-days" rule ends today, June 13.

Did I survive? Sadly...no. Last night (Yes, one day before the "finish line"), I gave in to the Shangrila Sale! Arg!

To make me feel better, I'm justifying my purchase:

1) The pants -- one's black, the other's khaki -- are among Nina Garcia's "One Hundred." They're must-haves.

2) They're on sale! 20% off.

3) I was afraid the store would run out of stocks. (The shirt I wanted was gone!)

4) I will choose to celebrate the 31 days I did not shop.

Part of me is disappointed. Another part is happy. I guess I'll challenge me again next month. =)

Wish me luck!

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