14 August 2011


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My first ever ukay-ukay (Pinoy slang for second-hand goods sale) is a success!

I'm moving to a new country next month. And I plan to travel light. I've been doing an inventory of items to keep, items to let go of. Over the weekend I got to choose the first eleven things I'm saying goodbye to:
  1. A black MNG messenger bag
  2. A brown H&M messenger bag (a Beijing find)
  3. A brown Net (Taipei brand) satchel
  4. An orange Salad bag (a HK find)
  5. A white Charles & Keith purse
  6. black and white pearls
  7. pink & cream Forever 21 strands
  8. Liz Claiborne charm bracelet
  9. wooden bangles
  10. maroon & gold charm bangles
  11. green pendant necklace

I sent a Facebook private message to my office mates Sunday evening. In minutes, they were already reserving items. When I arrived in the office today, Monday, everything was sold out in less than 20 minutes. Bongga!

I was ecstatic to have sold everything. But I must admit, a part of me is having some sort of separation anxiety. But because my stuff are now owned by people I know and care for, I'm assured they'll be in good hands. Ang weird ko.

As I wrote on my "stuff" blog entry last year, I enjoy fashion, style, and the shopping that come with them but I know these are stuff I can let go of. In the grand scheme of things, I like them a lot but they're not what I hold dear in my life.

I must be ruthless in sorting my stuff. I don't want to pay for excess baggage.

Next items up for grabs...

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